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Let Jesus Christ be praise.

"This SIGN which will appear on the sky is the sign of the beginning of Apocalipsis."

These are words from Father God passed 09 March 2008 year, in the church street Gwiazdzista 17 in Warsaw, during the Holy Mass at 10.45. Me, Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska, I heard these words of Father's God. Whist hearing I shivered. I pass it this message to other people.

Mankind went away from God, satan wants to rule the world, and he tries to rule the Church as well. God does not want to allow this, and He will send "Punishment” on mankind, which is described in the Bible - Apocalipsis, coded by St. John till certain “Time”.
To mankind could get to know that punishment what will be sent, Our Lady Mother of God passed on it Maryja in "Address of Fatima”, sister Lucia sister to making a list. Last of all revelations, Mother of Jezusa's Lord explained Maryja, additional special "Address”, which passed to history under name "Third Fatimskiej Secret”. Addresses these, after making a list by s. Łucja, pope Maryi were delivered Piusowi XII with wish of Lord's Mother Jezusa, to the content of "Address” became
announced the mankind of world, after year 1960
The pope Pius XII after introduction with content of document, the punishments be terrified what they have to touch world. Next popes, after they had introductions with whole content "Third Fatimskiej Secret” they were afraid, that release "Address” would can call out on world scale panic.

Czy notice of the whole of "Third Fatimskiej Secret”, after year 1960 by the pope John XXIII the announcing "horrendous punishments” for mankind of world,
it could influence on change of life of mankind, terrified with results of Apokalipsy?

This, what be recorded in "Third Fatimskiej Secret” , it is terrific so, that the pope John Paweł II after introduction with content of document, he sended him with return to Watykańskiego safe, and this. mankind is to touch on whole world!

The only "Sky”, arrived to apartment of John's pope Pawła II in Vatican, to in dramatic vision, could to see the pope John Paweł II the threat, what will touch the mankind of whole world. I heard from nuns from the Poland which worked in Vatican the summer 1982 year, passed on about terrific vision of John's pope Pawła II , which saw this, which has to touch the world. Pope John Paweł II seeing this, he wept. Pt be passed in book. "Touch God” on str. 91 " John's Mysterious vision Pawła II”.
Pope John Paweł II after intervention "Sky”, he asked about translation from Portuguese language "Third Fatimskiej Secret” on Italian language. He passed on, the pope John Paweł II, Cardinal Josephowi the Ratzingerowi the prefect of Congregation of Tenet Belief, to notice by television whole world, translating from Portuguese original "Third Fatimskiej Secret”.

In Stefan's book Budzyńskiego Pt. :Touch God” on str. 73, author informs, that it administers full text III fatimskiej Secret at present, being translating from original Portuguese s. It Łucja, " it it though it was had was was was to reserve, that he does not come from, from official sources”.
Writer Stefan Budzyński, one copy of translating full text of "Third Fatimskiej Secret” received, by sister Łucja, from John's pope Pawła II, to extradition printing in Poland.

The text of the whole of "” fatimskiego Address, the Pt was given in book. Prophecies for world” , Pt. FATIMA 1917
The whole of "” fatimskiego Address, passed on by Mother of Jezusa's Lord Maryję is there and made a list by s. Łucja. It FATIMA 1917 contains chapters: 1. Event connected from sometimes revelations of the Lord's Mother Jezusa Maryi. 2. Third Fatimska Secret. 3. Foreseen course of third world war. 4. Disorder in nature. 5. passed on Łucja's sister Later addresses. 6. the God's Mother's Address with 1954 year 7. Word of Jezus' Lord - the directed to mankind of world, relating invasion from cosmos the strange body in area of the ground. 8. Statement with 26 December 1957 year. 9. Appeal with 22 May 1958 r

What will "Punishments” touch mankind?
We can enumerate in "Third Fatimskiej Secret” recorded episodes. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. will Explode on terrain of Asia war and in Europe in which be becomes used protect nuclear. The apocalypse will begin from canceling of war by Chinas of Russian Federacji, about terrains in Asia. Chinas aim to rule of population of yellow race over world. For this the wydadzą the war of Russian Federacji, to to win in oil-bearing layers the rich terrains, enabling the quicker economic development of Chinas. It be passed in "Third Fatimskiej Secret”, that in this war Chinese army will use nuclear bombs. Throwed nuclear bombs on arms institutions in Russia, destructions will cause huge. The large area of the ground will become wears out completely, zgliszczy will not be, after these buildings, in very high temperature all even it will evaporate, and wind which after such explosion comes into being, then how tornado, radioactive harmful dust will deliver after whole the ground for human organism. Second war will explode in Europe. Nazi party in Germanys will come to power and it will give war: Poland, Czechs, Slovakia and Russia, aiming to creation of "Great Germanys”.
2. Deluge on Northern hemisphere caused appearing "New very large land”, from sea głębin.
The depth movements under bottom of Atlantic Ocean on midnight and they under bottom of Arctic Ocean will cause the appearing from sea głębin the "New very large land” - the sea bottom. The appearing the "New very large land” will cause on hemisphere of northern the ground the POTOP. Covering over this bottom water, will become from sea głębin from bottom together with, elevated to mountain and run on land terrains sinking it and run to starve existing there and it will to flow down to Atlantic Ocean. This gigantic quantity of water in Atlantic Ocean, flowing the very high wave, it will flood the lowland shore terrains of land and she sinked on them the built cities, it settles and the harbours. Water this will sink the eastern lowland terrains the shore Americas Northern and Europe, it will influence on terrains of Caribbean Sea with yet high wave, flooding and sinking the lowland terrains of islands and the banks of land.

Mother of Jezusa's Lord the Maryja, it wants to save men which believe in Father's God and His JesusChrist's Son, or they will believe.
Population settled on terrains of lowland islands, she should be moved on higher safe terrains of South America, in draught 30 days, from show "Sign on sky. Flowing with Midnight with yet high wave water, it will flood and it can sink the lowland terrains of islands. The return on lowland terrains of islands of Caribbean Sea, it can really be, after invasion " the Planetoid - the stone” from cosmos and hitting in water of Atlantic Ocean in vicinity of Caribbean Sea. It is no kids to save on islands living population
after passage with "Deluge” water. Who will return on island, after passage high sea water and flood or submergence lowland terrains, he be sentenced on death. I is not well-known the "Time” of invasion at present " the Planetoid - the stone”,in earthly atmosphere and hitting in water of Atlantic Ocean.
If you want to live, then there is no quick return on island on Caribbean Sea.

Sea being on beginning very high water sea wave on midnight, it will will drop, rozlewając after ocean slowly. The level of sea water in Atlantic Ocean will be higher about several metres, than it is at present. On terrain of Northern America and Europe the run the more water from starve northern than to Pacific Ocean. The excess of water from Atlantic Ocean will influence to Pacific Ocean through strait Drake'a, and to Indian Ocean water from Atlantic Ocean will influence near cape "Good hope”.
Deluge will touch painfully and Europe sea water lowland terrains be become drunk, some be become sunken. The high wave of sea water, Holland will be drunk entirely and Denmark, as well as shore terrains of all states bordering on from sea the or ocean.

Chinas will express the war the Arabia countries of Persian gulf and the countries of Caspian Sea in order to to win the oil-bearing layers, the then Chinese army will attack
South Europe and it will throw on whole world nuclear bullets.

The depth movements of plates on Mediterranean Sea will step out causing, the explosion of volcanoes: They Etna, and extinct Vesuvius, which the terrific shocks will destroy the very large area of the ground in this Rome and Vatican. Volcano Etna will destroy island Sicily flooding her lava and covering up volcanic ash. The depth shocks of plates of Mediterranean Sea, the "tsunami” will cause the rise of very high sea waves, which with terrific strength will collapse on banks of land and the islands, destroying all on with its way. The terrain under city can zapaść with Marseilles, called out the quakes on terrain of French Alps the the ground and on terrain of Switzerland.

Chinese army on terrain of South Europe will break destroying, all and murdering there living population, it will follow in direction of France and Belgium.
They will destroy army this the flight of airplanes which will come flying with noon.

The strange body on terrain of The ground will break from cosmos. Padro Pio said, that this will be large "”, invisible,Stone because to cover him white fog will be. "Planetoid - stone” falling in earthly atmosphere, it will will warm to very high temperature. Drowning, destructions will come off from him smaller and larger fragments, causing and fires on the ground.
"Planetoid - stone”. burning-hot to redness the run in water of Atlantic Ocean in vicinity of Caribbean Sea, the causing terrific destruction on islands and the banks of land three Americas. It on warmed to high temperature air will cause fires. The depth in Atlantic Ocean called out with fall movements " the Planetoid - the stone”, quakes after both sides of Americas the the ground will cause depth and the rise of very high waves the "tsunami” which will collapse on terrains of islands of lands of Americas and on terrains of Europe, Africa, Australia and the islands on Pacific Ocean. The dropping the islands will happen and the part of land.
It from sea głębin will obtain gauzes they came into being during break-up of rotting sea animals' bodies, they from poisoned gas from cosmos will poison air on whole the ground together with.
Therefore population settled on islands of Caribbean Sea, after abandonment of their, should not come back earlier on island, before hitting "Planetoid - stone”.

In "Third Fatimskiej Secret” in chapter "Word of the Jezusa who be directed to men who survived war's Lord and the deluge and their fall waits now " the Planetoid - the stone” in water of Atlantic Ocean. How they have to get to know "Time,”in which "Planetoid - stone will break in area of the ground and how to keep, to survivals this dangerous "Time” and to does not undergo poisoning with gas which will surround whole the ground.

This will begin in very cold night. Thunders and the quakes of the ground will last two days and two nights. This will be proof, that God is Lord over all.
These which will has in Me hope and they will believe My words, let oneself they do not fear anything, because I their will not lower, and also these which will disseminate the present revelation for reflection of mankind. Who will be in state of mercy sanctifying and at Mother My, nothing will stand up this also.

To former on this prepared, you would pass you signs.
Be careful: ostatnia (second) night will be cold very, wind will rumble and thunders after sure time will to come into being. Close window then and doors, do not speak from nobody from behind house. Kneel down under cross, regret for your sins and ask Mother My ( Jezusa's Lord) about care.
And who will not listen this advice, in twinkling of an eye will get lost. Heart his will not hold out this view.

Gas air will be replete and poison. It will surround whole the ground.
Who will suffer purely it will not get lost, it will be martyr and it will enter to God's Kingdom

Fire in third night will come and quake the ground, and in next day it will be already
to shine the sun. Angels will descend from sky in human figure and they will bring with me room on the ground. Immense gratitude saved it will rise to sky in thankful prayer,

It the only rescue then Mother of Jezusa's Lord the Maryja, in time of threat was one should oneself to her pay back saying
" The Queen of Holiday the,, only human intermediary our escape and be the hope to us merciful”.

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