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The inhabitants of the islands and continents, should know about what threatens to them in order to be prepared and avoid death. The disasters that threaten humanity throughout the world, are described in the Bible, in the chapter called Apocalypse or Revelation. In the Bible, the God’s message is coded by St. John, while in the Messages of Fatima, transmitted by Our Lady Mary Mother of Jesus, the God’s message is no enciphered.

If people do not take God’s words to their heart, and do not change their lives and not return to believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ, they will be punished.

Penalties that affect the earth and the people will be horrible. During the apocalyptic disaters, 2 / 3 of the world population will be lost. More than 4 billion people could die in a short time if they do not benefit from the opportunities offered by the Lord when He will reveal his luminous Cross.

One of the key signs “warning and calling on humanity to come back to God” shall be the appearance of a luminous CROSS in the sky. Blessed are those who are waiting for my great and triumphal comeback. This shall be a major change for my loved ones. They are bound to worship the new day of the Holy Thursday as never before. The CROSS and the EUCHARIST are inseparable. This is why in the evening of the Holy Thursday the luminous CROSS shall remind everyone of MY PAINFUL AGONY and HOLY EUCHARIST. The HOLY HOST shall shine like the Sun before the Earth’s inhabitants. This shall be the moment of sheer joy for all those who are waiting for me and who understand that my comeback is near. The moment the CROSS and the HOLY HOST appear, the whole world is bound to understand the fact that I shall introduce the new order and take command anew”. Lord Jesus, giving news of the release of the luminous Cross in the Holy Thursday in the sky, did not put in the year. For this it is expected to show a luminous Cross in the sky each year.

“The SIGN, warning and calling on humans to come back to God, shall be visible in the sky for three days and three nights. This will be something of a solar eclipse. This SIGN shall be the HEART OF JESUS with the CROSS against a background of stars, and this star shall cause the eclipse. The star shall signify Most Blessed Virgin Mary – the symbol of GRACE”.

My luminous CROSS shall appear in the SKY. It shall warn all inhabitants of the Earth and call on them to come back to God. For all those who do not convert, it shall mean Justice, i.e. punishment. For those whom the sign of pain suffered by the Savior will remind of the need of imploring prayer for forgiveness of sins, it shall be the sign of Mercy and merciful love of our God.

“I will give all the Earth’s inhabitants sufficient time so that they could understand the meaning of the CROSS in the sky, which will announce that the end times and my Father’s Justice are on the doorstep. All humans are bound to see this CROSS. Not even one soul would be able to say “I haven’t seen the CROSS”.

All humans should be aware that the appearance of the CROSS shall be followed by the change of the Times. The CROSS shall frighten many humans having guilty conscience and comfort the suffering ones who shall be blessed with change and better Times.

Terror shall fall on my enemies who are bound to suffer unimaginable humiliation. With this hour of punishment, enemies of Mary Immaculate will not be excused in the face of my judgment. No one can deride God or reject His Mother and get away with it. Terror to fall on humans when the seas burst their banks and the air catches fire will be beyond imagination! The world shall heavily suffer because too many humans have left God and become apostates during the time that you call the present time.

Many among you have abandoned their belief in MY HOLY presence in the BLESSED SACRAMENT. Those will suffer heavy losses. And this rejection of faith, light and truth on the Earth…

The revelation of Jesus giving his Shining Cross in the sky did not put in the year it will be announced only that on Holy Thursday evening, as it is transferred to the prison, and will be visible in the sky until the Resurrection of Jesus ..

“This will cause horrendous damage to life on the Earth and death of 2/3 of the world’s population, unless God the Father has mercy on it. Pope John Paul II gave Russia to Mary, Mother of Jesus – such was the condition. Pope John Paul II, having experienced the horrible vision, knew what awaits humans and gathered young people from all over the world for annual meetings in different locations so that they could be closer to God. – Will that be enough to save the world and humanity from destruction”?

When it is too late, at night a “HUGE BOULDER” will appear out of white fog and will hit the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the Caribbean Sea.

The strike of such a “Huge Boulder” in the water of the Atlantic Ocean will result in immense destruction caused by “Tsunami” waves which will burst with a great power into the shores and islands, destroying everything on the way. Hot air around the “Asteroid-boulder” will cause fires and people’s death.

The fall of the “Asteroid-boulder” into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean may cause wobbling of the earth, depth rock movements; islands and parts of lands may sink; there will be earthquakes on both sides of the United States and the California Peninsula may tear off North America’s lands.

In order to save one’s life you need to believe in God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ; there is also a chance for those who will start believing in God now.

The words of Jesus refer to the strike of the “Huge Boulder” from outer space into the earth surface. “This will start on a very cold night. Thunders and earthquakes will linger for two days and two nights. This will prove that God rules above all of us. Those who have a hope in Me and believe My words, let they not fear anything, because I will not abandon them, as well as those who spread this revelation in order to make people come to their senses. Those who will be in a state of grace and with My Mother, those will survive.

In order to prepare you, I hereby give you the signs. Be careful: the last night will be very cold, the wind will be roaring and then thunders will be heard. Close the windows and doors, do not speak to anyone outside your home. Then kneel under a cross, repent for your sins and ask Mary, Mother of Jesus, for care. Those who will not follow this advice, will die immediately, their hearts will not stand this view.

The air will be saturated with gas and poison which will spread over the whole earth. Those who shall be suffering innocently will not die but they will become martyrs and will enter God’s Kingdom.

On the third night fire and earthquakes will start and on the next day – the sun will shine.

Depth earthquakes may result in collapsing of buildings and may force people to leave their houses and go outside into the poisoned air. One should ask Mary, Mother of Jesus, for salvation, in such words:

“Holy Queen, Mediatrix of people, our only refuge and hope, be merciful to us.”

The world is in peril, it is necessary to intercede for the people of Mary, Mother of Jesus with God. To mankind throughout the earth, seeing Shining CROSS Lord of Hosts Jesus believed in God. During the 3 days the absence of sunlight. The lands will be illuminated by the "holes of the nails," which Jesus was nailed to the Cross. Light will be the stars of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Humanity saw it, and believe they should return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. What is communicated in the "my Messages" Fatima, saw with my own eyes, only two people in his lifetime on earth: St. John the Apostle, the beloved disciple of the Lord Jesus and Pope John Paul II. St, John the Apostle while in exile to the salt mines on the island of Patmos, is what he saw sent from God to enter in the Bible in 95 years a new era, encrypted so that no one known to mankind "Time". Pope John Paul II, shortly after the attempt on his life, May 13, 1981, the Square of St. Peter's in Rome, had a vision in which a film, and saw with my own eyes everything that has to touch the sunrise in the near future. (The order to kill "Governor", Pope John Paul II, gave Yuri Andropov 3 times. After the third time gave the order, as I have been Chairman of the Supreme Soviet, and K G B. He told the K G B in Warsaw, Poland that S B has prepared an attack on Pope John Paul II during his pilgrimage to Polski 16 June 1983 years .- Information is not living on earth for 15 years Pedro Pio, 25 March 1983, passed me in the Church Street Rakowiecka. to prayer throughout the year-365 days, giving his life to God, to save the church and the life of Pope John Paul II. Yuri Andropov died on February 9, 1984 year.

If humanity does not take to his heart

WORDS view of Jesus

and the Cross in the sky Shining from the host, and did not return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, the world is in peril. Forward as in the "Messages" is included and what he saw with his own eyes in the "Vision" Pope John Paul II. War broke out in Asia and Europe. During the war, nuclear weapons will be used. China's nuclear missiles will be thrown all over the world. China's desire to dominate the population of yellow race of the world. They want to destroy the white race of people. It is stated that to emerge from the depths of the sea, a new land. This new land will be "bottom" Arctic Sea. Arctic sea water will cause the earth POTOP before they vanish after the seas and oceans, raising water levels in them higher than it is today. There are earthquakes and volcanoes erupt. which will result in enormous destruction on all continents.

There will be an onset of the lands and islands in the seas and oceans. In the area of land get into a foreign body from outer space, it will be a very big "Boulder" of about 2 000 meters is given in the Bible, Chapter 8, 8, and 9, verse - a mountain of fire, which hit the water of the Atlantic Ocean near the Sea Caribbean. Since hot air, all will perish in this area. Falling "Boulder" at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, will cause deep earthquakes on both sides of the Americas and the high waves "Tsunami", which tumble into the islands and the edges of continents, causing them enormous destruction and death of many millions of people.

Deep-sea earthquake in the ocean water will liberate gas from the depths of the sea "Methane", which air pollution throughout the earth during the three days of darkness. Methane in sea water, the body formed during the decomposition of dead fish. Should turn to Mary, Our Lady of the care and rescue, saying:

"Queen of Christmas, Mediatrix of people, the only refuge and our hope or our merciful".

The third Secret of Fatima of about 20 pages in English and in Polish, published in Poland at the request of Pope John Paul II, when translated from the Portuguese language is available here: www.apocalipsistestamentum.blogspot.com


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