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APOCALYPSE – FLOOD which will greatly affect CANADA

Praise be to God.

APOCALYPSE – FLOOD which will greatly affect CANADA

Based on a special address of Fátima given by Mary, Mother of God, in which she told sister Lucia to announce the content of that address to the whole world.

“The SIGN which will appear in the sky is the sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse”.

People have abandoned God. Satan, who tries to take control of the Church, wants to rule the world. God doesn’t want to let it happen and will send punishments upon people so that they come back to Him. The punishments are listed in the Bible, the Apocalypse, but they are coded until the “Time” comes. Those punishments were mentioned in the “Address” of Fátima by Mary, Mother of Jesus in July 1917 and at the end of the revelations Mary, Mother of God gave an additional, special “Address” to Lucia which has gone down in history under the name of the “Third Secret of Fátima”. Many years later sister Lucia wrote down the content of the “Address”, in which Mother of God told her to announce the content of the Third Secret of Fátima to the whole world. The document was delivered to Pope Pius XII with sister’s Lucia note on the envelope saying that after 1960 the document could be revealed to the whole world. All this with the thought in mind that people, being aware of the punishments awaiting them, will stop doing evil and will come back to God.

Having read the document, Pope Pius XII was horrified, sealed it again and secured it in a Vatican safe for his successor.

Having made himself familiar with content of the secret document, Pope John XXIII was horrified and concluded that the terrible punishments predicted in the “Address” of Fátima didn’t refer to his times. The secret document ended up in the Vatican safe.

After reading the “Address of Fátima”, Pope Paul VI decided that the document should remain a secret of Vatican for some time. Paul VI presented fragments of the “Address” of Fátima to the feuding parties to the Cuban crisis. Having read the fragment of the “Address” of Fátima, the warring parties entered into a peace agreement.

Pope John Paul II, after becoming familiar with the content of the “Address” of Fátima, sent the document back to the safe, thus not fulfilling the wish of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Since the “Address” of Fátima reposed in the Vatican safe instead of being announced all around the world, and the “Time” of punishment was approaching, at the end of the twentieth century.

At night, “HEAVEN” itself intervened with Pope John Paul II on the announcement of the “Address” of Fátima. This is referred to in Stefan Budzyński’s book entitled “Dotknięcie Boga” [“God’s Touch”], on page 91, “John Paul II’s Secret Vision”. One can only guess that Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus revealed the future tragic fate of the world to the pope. Seeing what was going to happen to the world, Pope John Paul II cried and decided to publicize the “Address” of Fátima called the “Third Secret of Fátima”. Pope John Paul II had the “Third Secret of Fátima” translated from Portuguese into Italian. The “Third Secret of Fátima” also comprises the following:
1. The predicted course of the third world war.
2. Disturbances in nature.
3. Later addresses delivered to sister Lucia.
4. Address of Mother of God from 1954.
5. Jesus’ words addressed at people from all around the world, concerning a Planetoid-boulder falling on the Earth.

Pope John Paul II gave Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the translated text of the “Third Secret of Fátima” written by sister Lucia, to publicize it via TV.

The text of the “Third Secret of Fátima” is published in Stefan Budziński’s book entitled “Dotknięcie Boga”, on page 72.

Pope John Paul II gave a copy of the translation of the whole text of the “Third Secret of Fátima” to the Polish Catholic writer Stefan Budziński to edit it and have it published in print in Poland. The “Third Secret of Fátima” was published under title “FATOMA 117”, among other prophecies, in a book entitled “Przepowiednie dla świata” [“Prophecies for the World”].

The content of the “Third Secret of Fátima” has been placed on the Internet in the Polish language, together with my comments so that it is more understandable.

What are the punishments that people all around the world will be affected by?

1. Wars involving the use of nuclear weapons will break out. In Asia, China will declare war on Russia, then on the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, the countries by the Caspian Sea and the Southern Europe and it will throw nuclear missiles all around the world.
2. The German party NPD will come to power in Germany and declare war on the following countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, to take back the former Königsberg from Russia, on Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, and to annex Austria to the “Great Germany”.
3. The explosions of the nuclear bombs will cause horrific earthquakes.
4. “FLOOD” in the northern hemisphere; after a depth explosion under the bed of the Arctic Ocean, the predicted “New Big Land” will emerge in the north.
5. Volcanoes will erupt.
6. A “Planetoid-boulder” will fall on the Earth, into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the Caribbean Sea causing very serious damage in the area of the Caribbean Sea and the three Americas.
7. Through the ionosphere damaged by the “Planetoid-boulder”, “gas and poison” will get to the Earth from outer space, and from the sea depths, methane will pour out, and they will pollute the air all around the earth.

An unimaginably huge wall of water will come down on the polar northern lowland and will flood it before the water spreads further over the lowland or flows into the sea and ocean. The throwing up of ice and water as a result of the depth explosion under the bed of the Arctic Ocean will be caused by the emergence of the predicted “New Big Land” in the north.

An unimaginable amount of sea water will fall on the territory of Canada and it will flood the Canadian lowland. In the west, Canada is surrounded by high mountains, the American Cordillera. In the east, Canada is surrounded by the Baffin Mountains and the highland of the Hall Peninsula. The eastern highland is separated from the highland of Newfoundland and Quebec by Hudson Strait, which will be the only one to channel the water from the flooded territory of Canada to the Labrador Sea basin and the Atlantic Ocean. The sea water which will fall on the territory of Canada after the depth explosion may flood the southern area of Canada up to a large altitude and rush to the north of the United States of America.

The water level in the territory of Canada will slowly go down but it will be higher than at present. The water level in seas and oceans will be many meters higher, i.e. it will be increased by the waters of the northern seas. The bottom of the Arctic Ocean and the bottoms of other seas in the polar circle will be the predicted “New Big Land”.

Humans and other living creatures dwelling in the north of Canada can save their lives only as high as the mountain territories of the American Cordillera, the Mackenzie Mountains and the Baffin Mountains. The whole lowland in the north of Canada will be under water.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, wants to save from the “FLOOD” the people from Canada who believe or will believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

When they see “the SIGN” which will appear in the sky and signal the beginning of the Apocalypse, and a war will break out in Asia, between China and Russia. People living in the central and southern territories of Canada should leave, within 30 days, their dwelling places and move to the western mountainous areas, closer to the border with the USA, near Calgary and Lethbridge, taking food and fuel for their cars with them as a reserve for their return. There, they should wait until the end of the explosion occurring under the Arctic Ocean and of the emergence of the predicted „New Big Land”.

The eastern territories of Canada and the USA will be exposed to the flow of very high „Flood” water in the Atlantic Ocean which – flowing towards the South Pole – will flood the shore lowland, towns and ports. The eastern territories of Canada and the USA will be exposed to depth quakes under New York and Washington. These cities will be destroyed by the depth earthquakes.

A “Planetoid-boulder” will fall on the Earth. It will be a very big, over 2,000 meters, sliver of rock from some explosion in the Leo constellation and it will hit the Atlantic Ocean, near the Caribbean Sea. An analysis of the flight shows that the “Planetoid-boulder” will fly over the north of Poland and over Paris in France. After entering the Earth zone, the “Planetoid-boulder”, while falling, will heat up to a very high temperature and melt, and pieces of it will come off causing damage and fires. When falling, the red-hot “Planetoid-boulder” will be surrounded by very hot air which will cause death of millions of people on the Caribbean Sea islands unless they are moved to South America. The depth earthquake will trigger horrifying tsunami waves which will hit the islands and shores of the three Americas, Africa and Europe destroying everything on their way.

Through the ionosphere damaged by the fall of the “Planetoid-boulder” and from the sea depths, gas will pour out and pollute the air all around the earth. The “Third Secret of Fátima” contains the words spoken by Jesus to people from all around the world. How can we recognize the “Time” of the “Planetoid-boulder” entering the Earth zone? “It will begin on a very cold night. Thunder and earthquakes will last two days and two nights. This will be proof that God is the Lord of everything.

These are the signs: the last (second) night will be very cold, the wind will be roaring, and after some time there will arise thunder. At that time, close the windows and doors and don’t talk to anyone from outside. Kneel at home under a cross, repent of your sins and ask Mother of Jesus for care.

Those who will not follow this advice, will die immediately. Their hearts will not bear that sight. The air will be saturated with gas and poison. It will spread over the whole Earth.

On the third day, there will come fire and earthquakes and on the following day the sun will shine.” In order to save one’s life from the danger, one should address Mary, Mother of Jesus in the following prayer:
“Holy Queen, mediatrix of people, our only refuge and hope, be merciful to us.”

Immense gratitude of the rescued will rise to the sky in thanksgiving and prayer. Mary, Mother of Jesus wants to save as many as possible of those who believe or will believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It is written that one third of the population will die.

Since the arable land flooded with the sea water may not give harvest, one should put up cold frames for growing vegetables.

Depth earthquakes under the bed of the Pacific Ocean will cause vast damage to towns and ports. In the area of Australia, the horrifying Tsunami waves may not appear. There, a part of the Canadian fleet can be stored.

The water from the Atlantic Ocean will flow to the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean near the South Pole, thus making the water level drop in the flooded lowland of Canada until the water level in seas and oceans becomes even. More water from the northern seas will flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The water level in the Atlantic Ocean will be higher than it is now.

Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska
Warsaw, dated December 10, 2008

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