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APOCALYPSE-FLOOD which will greatly affect the KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS - Holland

Praise be to God.

APOCALYPSE-FLOOD which will greatly affect the KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS - Holland

Mankind has abandoned God. Satan, who tries to take control of the Church, rules the world. God does not want to let it happen and He will send “Punishments” upon people as it was written down in “the Bible called Apocalypse” by St. John the Evangelist but it is coded until the “Time” comes.
Those “Punishments”, already decoded, were passed on in the “Address” of Fátima by Mary, Mother of Jesus, with request to announce them to the whole world. They were written down by sister Lucia and then delivered to Pope Pius XII with sister’s Lucia note on the envelope saying: “after 1960 the document can be revealed to the whole world.”
Having read the document, Pope Pius XII was horrified, thus he sealed it again and secured it in the Vatican safe for his successor.
Pope John XXIII, having made himself familiar with the contents of the secret document, was horrified and concluded that the terrible “Punishments” predicted in the “Address” of Fátima did not refer to his times. The secret document was once again placed in the Vatican safe.
Pope Paul VI after reading the “Address” of Fátima decided that the document should remain a secret of Vatican for some time. However, he presented some fragments of the “Address” of Fátima, written down together with the “Third Secret of Fátima”, to the feuding parties to the Cuban crisis. Having read these, the warring parties entered into a peace agreement.
Pope John Paul II, after becoming familiar with the contents of the Third Secret of Fátima, sent the document back to the safe, thus not fulfilling the wish of Mary, Mother of Jesus, to reveal the full contents of “Address” of Fátima to the world for the time of punishment was approaching, at the end of the twentieth century.
At night, “HEAVEN” itself appealed to Pope John Paul II in his apartment in Vatican on the issue of the announcement of the Third Secret of Fátima. This is referred to in Stefan Budzyński’s book entitled “Dotknięcie Boga” [“God’s Touch”], on page 91, “John Paul II’s Mysterious Vision”. One can only guess that Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, revealed to the pope the future tragic fate of the world. Seeing what was going to happen to the world, Pope John Paul II cried and decided to publicize the “Third Secret of Fátima”. Pope John Paul II had the “Third Secret of Fátima” translated from Portuguese into Italian. He gave the translated text of the “Third Secret of Fátima” written by sister Lucia to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in order to publicize the text via TV.
Pope John Paul II gave the second copy of the translation of the whole text of the “Third Secret of Fátima” to the Polish Catholic writer Stefan Budzyński in order to edit it and have it published in print in Poland. The “Third Secret of Fátima” was published under title “FATIMA 117”, among other prophecies, in a book entitled “Przepowiednie dla świata” [“Prophecies for the World”].

“FATIMA 117”comprises some parts of addresses conveyed to Lucia by Holy Mother, e.g.:
1. Events – this is an introduction made by Stefan Budzyński
2. The Third Secret of Fátima.
3.The predicted course of the third world war.
4. Disturbances in nature.
5. Later addresses delivered to sister Lucia.
6. Address of Mother of God from 1954.
7. Jesus’ words addressed to people from all around the world.
How may we recognize the “Time” of “an alien object from the space” coming to the Earth? Father Pio says that this would be a “Boulder”, not a comet. The “Boulder” will hit the Atlantic Ocean, near the Caribbean Sea. Then the air all around the earth will be polluted with “Methane”, which is present in seawaters and comes into being by decomposition of dead bodies in the ocean, and with space gases which will break into through the damaged ionosphere.

What are the “Punishments” that people all around the world will be affected by?
1. Wars involving the use of nuclear weapons will break out.
2. Earthquakes.
3. Flood in the northern hemisphere caused by the emergence of “New Land”.
4. Volcanoes will erupt.
5. A “Planetoid-boulder” will hit the Earth, falling into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the Caribbean Sea.
6. Gas will pour into by the damaged ionosphere and Methane will come out from the sea depths and these will poison the air all around the Earth.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, wants to save people from the Kingdom of the Netherlands who believe or will believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. She wants them to flee from the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland for the period when the elements will rage and to move to a safe shelter. Some time ago I informed Her Majesty the Queen and the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland about the Apocalypse which will badly affect their nation, that is the FLOOD. The following European countries mentioned in the “Third Secret of Fátima” will be vastly damaged: Germany, Denmark, Holland. They will be flooded with waters along with all other territories by the sea. Holland will be flooded with a very high seawater wave. I hereby inform people inhabiting the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland to leave it before the flood comes and covers the lowland territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

“The SIGN which will appear in the sky will be the signal of the beginning of the Apocalypse”.

These are the words passed on by God the Father on March 9, 2008 in the church at 17 Gwiaździsta street in Warsaw during the service at 10.45. It was me, Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska, who heard the Words of God the Father. When I heard the words I trembled in fear for the time of fulfillment of the secrets of God the Father written down in the “Bible – Apocalypse” would be so near. I pass the words from God the Father to the people of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland.

The “SIGN” we will see in the sky will be an enlightened Cross, Jesus or another sign.

After the SIGN forecasting the Apocalypse appears in the sky in order to save one’s life from the FLOOD you need to leave the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland within 30 days and move to the territory of France, Portugal or Spain. Northern Germany and Belgium will be flooded as well.
There will break out a war in Asia. The Chinese army will attack Russia on its Asian territory. According to the “Third Secret of Fátima” the Chinese army will drop nuclear bombs on arm plants and testing centers in Russia and on the rest of the world. The explosions of nuclear bombs will result in immense destruction and earthquakes. During those nuclear explosions due to gases of very high temperature and high pressure there will arise a shock wave which will be accompanied by a gale sweeping away everything on its way and spreading lethal radioactive dust that would appear after the nuclear explosions.
In the very north, triggered by the quakes – the results of the nuclear explosions, there will start deep earthquakes increasing to horrific roar of cracking rocks. As it is given in the “Third secret of Fátima” these horrific deep earthquakes will last for few weeks only but they will be as dreadful as no other disaster that the earth has witnessed so far. As a result of these terrible calamities the Chinese army will withdraw from the war territories in Europe to the territories in Asia.
Then an explosion will occur. Ice and water from the Arctic Sea together with the bottom of the sea will be lifted up. Ice and water will fall into seas and on the lands around the Arctic Circle, flooding them before water flows all over the surface and down to seas and oceans, increasing the water level of seas and oceans.
The bottom of the Arctic Sea will become “New huge land”. A huge wall of sea water will burst into the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland, flooding with sea water the whole territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland. After the wave of the FLOOD flows over the most low-lying territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland will be covered with sea waters. The level of waters in seas and oceans will be higher from the water level of the Arctic Sea by a few meters and thus most low-lying shores will be flooded with sea waters. Waters from the Arctic Sea, thrown out by the deep-sea explosion, will be moving very fast and as a horrifying over 300 meter wave, destroying and covering everything on its way. There is no a single possibility to survive in such huge ice-cold water going in fast flow that will be flooding everything from above, destroying and sweeping away. To remain at the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland means to die from drowning of one’s own free will.
There will break out a war in Europe too. In Germany NPD party whose leader is Udo Voigt, will come to power in voting or by bringing down the current German government. German NPD party aspires to fulfill Adolf Hitler’s idea of forming “Great Germany”. In order to form “Great Germany” the chancellor of NPD party will declare war on Russia to regain former Królewiec-Konigsberg during the Chinese-Russian war. The German army will invade the territories of Northern and Western Poland, destroying everything and murdering inhabitants of the territories.
The chancellor of Germany, after having defeated Poland, will declare war on Czech and Slovakia. After the defeat of those countries he will declare war also on Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and will annex Austria to Germany. After defeating the above mentioned countries by the German army and annexing their territories, “Great Germany” will be established. Nazis party needs only territories of these countries. The inhabitants of these countries will be murdered or they will flee.
Russia will send its army towards Kaliningrad to win it over from Germany. After defeating Germany in Kaliningrad Russian army will burst into the territory of Germany in order to take revenge on German people for attacking Kalininigrad during the Chinese-Russian war. This is forecast in the “Third secret of Fatima”. Russian army will come up to the Atlantic Ocean destroying everything on its way and murdering German people. Armies of the countries whose territories are under the threat of being attacked by the Russians will attack the Russian army and the latter will withdraw to Germany and then to Ukraine, destroying and murdering people on its way, leaving dust and cities burnt to ashes.
People leaving the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland should head for Spain. Big cities such as Bruxelles, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and others are under threat. China may drop nuclear missiles on them. One should stay in a small location and after earthquakes and “FLOOD” go back to the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Holland to see what remained undamaged and whether the waters went down. I suppose that after two months the raging elements shall calm down. Germany will be badly destroyed by the Russian army. In the territory of Germany there will occur deep earthquake under the bed of Rhine river. Land in Westfallen will sink. Cities in the Ruhr Area will be destroyed in the earthquake.
The earth will be hit by “Planetoid-boulder” which on its way towards the earth will heat up till red and fall into waters of the Atlantic Ocean causing horrific waves “tsunami” which will flow on islands and shores of three Americas, Africa and Europe bringing about destruction and sinking of some parts of land. People inhabiting islands and shores of three Americas will die unless relocated.

When the “planetoid-boulder” will burst into the earth?

This will start on a very cold night. Thunders and earthquakes will linger for two days and there will be a gale, too. The second night will be very cold, the wind will be roaring, and after some time thunders will arise. At that time, close the windows and doors and do not leave the house and draw the curtains. Kneel under a cross (whether at home or under a tent), repent for your sins and ask Mary, Mother of Jesus, for care. Those who will not follow this advice, will die immediately.

The air will be saturated with gas and poison which will spread over the whole earth.
On the third night there will appear fire and on the following day – the sun will shine. During the Apocalypse one third of the world population will die.

We should address Mary, Mother of Jesus begging her for salvation: “Holy Queen, mediatrix of people, our only refuge and hope, be merciful to us.”

Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska
Warsaw, December 27, 2008

In order to save the people the fleet, ships and vessels, after having boarded people, should sail as far as possible to the south. It would be advisable to reach the shore at ports of Argentina or Africans ports of Namibia, the Republic of South Africa or on the Indian Ocean.

Probably many people will ignore the Mother of God and would not flee from their dwelling places. Water is an element that flows fast, it will be hard to escape.

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