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To the people of the Northern Hemisphere of the whole Earth


To the people of the Northern Hemisphere of the whole Earth.

On March 9, 2008, in the church at 17 Gwiaździsta Street in Warsaw during the service at 10.45, I heard the “Words” of God the Father, passed on by Jesus, executor of God the Father’s “Testament” written down in the Bible by St. John the Evangelist, called Apocalypse and referring to the people from all around the World:

“The SIGN which will appear in the sky is the sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse”.

At night on January 24-25, 1938, when the Second World War was to break out. The sing in the sky was the “Glow of Aurora”, seen all over Europe. The SIGN to appear in the sky will knock humanity to its knees.

The “SIGN” to appear in the sky will signal the beginning of the Apocalypse of the 21st century.

God uses some of us, the chosen ones, to pass on His “Words” addressed to people around the world. At the age of 10, unaware of it, while experiencing revelations of Mary, Mother of Jesus on August 26, 1935 on the meadows in Przygoda village, I, Wanda Stańska, was appointed by Mary, Mother of God and led by an angel to kneel down next to a visionary in order to vouch for the truthfulness of revelations of Mary, Mother of Jesus and to let her use me. The revelations on the meadows of Przygoda village started on July 12, 1935. Mary, Mother of Jesus appealed to people to pray and do penance for the “Punishment” was awaiting them. The war that broke out on September 3, 1939.
At present, Mary, Mother of Jesus, being aware of punishments that will affect people and the Earth, appeals to people to come back to God and stop doing evil.
During the revelations in Fátima, in July 1917, Mary, Mother of God gave an address to Lucia, and at the end of the revelations she explained and gave an additional, special “Address” to Lucia which has gone down in history under the name of the “Third Secret of Fátima”. Many years later Lucia wrote down the content of the “Address” and in 1953 it was delivered in a sealed envelope to Pope Pius XII with sister’s Lucia note on the envelope saying that after 1960 the document could be revealed to the whole world.
Having made himself familiar with the content of the secret document, Pope Pius XII was distressed, horrified even. He sealed it again and secured it in the safe for his successor.
In 1958, John XXIII was elected pope. He made himself familiar with the secret as late as two years later. It shocked him. He concluded then that the terrible punishments predicted in the address did not refer to his times. He ordered that the document be placed with other most closely guarded Vatican secrets and prohibited anyone from disclosing any information about it. He believed that the publicizing of the address could trigger panic on a world scale.
Pope Paul VI – John XXIII’s successor, having read the address, approved the decision of his predecessors in recognizing that the document should remain a secret of Vatican for some time. Pope Paul VI shied away from publicizing the “Third Secret of Fátima”. Still, he had no doubts that at least a part of it should be used to secure peace in the world. This was done during the Cuban crisis. Revealing the content of some fragments of the address to the leaders of the Soviet Union, United States and Great Britain in the years 1963-1964 resulted in them entering into a peace agreement.
John Paul II familiarized himself with the content of the address of Fátima after the assassination attempt on his life in St Peter’s Square on May 13, 1981. He acted similarly as his predecessors in placing the address of Fátima back in the Vatican safe, thus not fulfilling the wish of Mary, Mother of God, which was written on the envelope by sister Lucia. This wish was the announcement of the “Third Secret of Fátima” to the whole world. The time of “Punishment” was approaching, and the content of the “Third Secret of Fátima” was hidden from the world in a closed Vatican safe, unknown to people.
At night, “HEAVEN” itself intervened with Pope John Paul II in his apartment on the announcement of the “Third Secret of Fátima”. This is referred to in Stefan Budzyński’s book entitled “Dotknięcie Boga” [“God’s Touch”], “John Paul II’s Secret Vision”, page 91. Quotation: “I have learnt about the dramatic vision experienced by John Paul II from the church sources shortly before the canonization of Maximilian Kolbe. His personal secretary, prelate Dziwisz, heard a loud voice of the pope coming from his apartment. He was surprised as he knew from the pope’s schedule that there were no visits planned at that time and it was not customary for John Paul to pray aloud.
When he heard the Pope’s words “Please, be merciful to Poland” he entered the room and saw the pope hiding his face in his hands. There were tears rolling down his face. He was dejected and sad. I touched the pope’s shoulder and asked: “What has happened, Your Holiness?”. After a moment of silence the pope replied: “Nothing, I am OK. – So, why are you crying, Holy Father?” asked Dziwisz. – If you had seen what I saw, you would be crying as well.”
Who was this mysterious person that John Paul II was obviously talking to? What did the pope see? – the “Punishments” that would afflict the world:
The whole “Address” of Fátima, also referred to as the “Third Secret of Fátima”, enumerates the “Punishments” that will afflict humans the world over, Poland included.

The life of people living in the northern hemisphere is in danger of wars in which nuclear weapons will be used, “FLOOD” caused by the emergence from the sea depths of the “New Big Land” and the flooding of the Earth by seawater which is over the future land. The fall of “Planetoid” – a big boulder from the Leo constellation, which will fall into the Atlantic Ocean, near the Caribbean Sea, flooding the shore areas of three Americas and islands on the Caribbean Sea, bringing about huge destruction and sinking of islands and some parts of land.
The things to come are described in the “Bible-Apocalypse” in chapter 21, verse 1:
I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth was gone and the sea is now no more.
When reading St John’s words in chapter 21, verse 1 it was difficult for me to accept the information that the sea was no more. Unfortunately, in the „Third Secret of Fátima”, on page 118, line 5 from the bottom of the page, it is written that “Movements within the bed of the Atlantic Ocean will cause the emergence of a new land.” The “New Land” predicted in the “Third Secret of Fátima” is to emerge from the sea as a result of deep-sea movements within the bed of the Atlantic Sea which are to last for a few weeks.
Which sea mentioned in chapter 21, verse 1 does this prediction refer to? Nostradamus, in a couplet marked C2 K52 determines the place of emergence of the “New Land”.
For many nights the earth will shake twice in the spring, Asia will be in 2 seas.
At present Asia is surrounded by sea from three sides.
The prediction of Nostradamus may only be fulfilled if there is no Arctic Ocean. For the prediction of Nostradamus to come true, the Arctic Ocean and seas within the polar circle should cease to exist and beds of these seas be moved upward, thus creating “New Big Land”. Asia will then be surrounded by the sea only from its two sides and it will happen in the spring.
Nostradamus failed to predict that the huge amount of seawater thrown upward by the explosion from the northern seas will also hit Asia, flooding the area of the “West Siberian Lowland” and possibly rushing further through the Turgai Valley toward Kazakhstan and into the Aral Sea, from where it will flow into the Caspian Sea, thereby flooding the Turan Depression. The inhabitants of lowland in northern and western Asia are in danger of “FLOOD”.
Mary, Mother of Jesus, wants to save the people who believe or will believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. When they see the “Sign” in the sky they should leave the low-lying area of the ”West Siberian Lowland” and move on to the mountainous areas.
The water and ice over the bed of the Arctic Ocean are 4,300 m in depth. The seawater, together with the bed of the Arctic Ocean and beds of other nearby seas will be thrown up following depth shocks and explosions, and then it will flood, up to a high altitude, the low-lying northern areas of North America, Europe and Asia.
At that time wars will be fought in Asia: China will fight with the Russian Federation, in Europe: Germany will attack Poland and Russia in order to take over Kaliningrad.
In a photo taken in the Brooks Range in Alaska, from the Mount Michelson at an altitude of 2,816 m, or from a plane, after the explosion under the bed of the Arctic Ocean, the Rocky Mountains and the Brooks Range will be visible in Alaska, with the rest area flooded by water. Northern Canada, from the Mackenzie Mountains to the mountains of the Baffin Island and the Hudson Bay, is under water. Further to the east the Greenland glacier and its edges can be seen as well as the ridges of mountains in Iceland, with nothing but water all around. The photo also shows Europe with the Scandinavian Mountains and the ridge of the Ural Mountains, with nothing but water between them. In Asia, between the Ural Mountains and the Putoran Mountains, there is a huge body of water in the area of the West Siberian Lowland, with the Verkhoyansk Range seen further to the east surrounded by water from its western side. The Indigirka Lowland and the Kolyma Lowland will be completely flooded by water. Further to the east, the Anadyr Mountains and the Koryak Mountains can be seen, with water surrounding them.
He who sees these lowland areas in the very north flooded by water will have no doubts that it is impossible for anyone or anything to survive.
Therefore, when shocks are felt from deep underground in the very North, within 30 days (this is the time limit for people to save their lives) from seeing the sign in the sky signaling the Apocalypse, the inhabitants of the northern areas and animals living there should be moved on to a higher, safer place. Animals sense deep-sea shocks much faster than humans.
The seawater thrown up from the Arctic Ocean and other seas within the “North Pole” will flood all low-lying areas in the north and flow onto other further low-lying areas of the land, or into seas and oceans, substantially raising their water levels.
Following the explosion under the bed of the Arctic Ocean, less water from the northern seas will flow into the Pacific Ocean, thus reducing the level of flooding of shore areas of Asia and North America from the side of the Pacific Ocean.
A huge amount of water thrown up, as a result of a depth explosion, from the Arctic Ocean onto the areas of North America will flood Canada and Alaska. The low-lying areas of Canada will remain under the seawater as the level of water in the Atlantic Ocean will be higher. Some part of water will flow from Canada to the United States and into the Atlantic Ocean, following the flowing of a huge “Flood” wave and the lowering of the water level in the Atlantic Ocean.
Water thrown up as a result of depth explosion under the bed of the Arctic Ocean and other seas in the North, will rush into the Greenland Sea and the Norwegian Sea, raising the level of water up to a very high altitude. It will flow as a very high wave into the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, thus flooding the low-lying regions of Norway and Sweden, the whole area of the Netherlands and Denmark. Flooded by the high wave of the seawater will also be the area of northern Germany, northern and western areas of Belgium, western areas of France, eastern and northern areas of Great Britain as well as islands on the seas and on the Atlantic Ocean. Having flooded Denmark, the seawater, still as a high wave, will flow into the Baltic Sea, flooding the sandbars and shore areas of the whole Baltic Sea.
The low-lying areas in northern Poland will be flooded by seawater and some of them will be flooded as a result of a higher water level in the Baltic Sea.
Water thrown up as a result of depth explosion under the bed of the Arctic Ocean and from the northern seas, will rush toward the northern Europe, flooding the low-lying areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russian on the European side, after which it will flow into the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland, raising the level of water in the Baltic Sea. Within Europe, in Russia, the northern areas of tundra will be flooded by seawater.
At present, it is difficult to determine the height of the initial Flood wave, the level of seawater in the Baffin Bay, the Greenland Sea and the Norwegian Sea as well as in the area of Canada. The water from these seas will flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Water rushing from Canada will partly flood the low-lying northern areas of the United States. Following the lowering of the water level in the Atlantic Ocean, it will flow into this ocean. A clairvoyant to whom I spoke told me that he had seen a very high wall of water. He didn’t know that this was the water of the Arctic Ocean and other northern seas, lifted by the depth explosion, together with their beds that will turn into land.
At the same time, a very large amount of water from the northern seas will flow into the Atlantic Ocean, raising its water level up to a high altitude. This high “Flood” wave flowing in the Atlantic Ocean will flood these areas of land that border on the ocean. The seaside ports and towns will be completely flooded by seawater after the flowing of a high sea wave. Next, the water will occupy further areas. Still, the water level in the Atlantic Ocean will be higher than at present.
It is hard to accept the fact that your house will be flooded by a high wave of seawater. If you want to save your life, you have to leave it.
Animals living in the very north will sense the movements of the earth’s crust, gradually intensifying. The flight of animals from endangered areas will make inhabitants of such areas leave as well. In the “Third Secret of Fátima”, in a part concerning the depth movements of the earth’s crust under the bed of the Arctic Ocean, the following is written:
“From the north, cataclysms will hit the Chinese army already in Europe, during fights with Russia. It will last only a few weeks, but the dread it causes will be so horrific that it will be justified to conclude that the world has not experienced similar calamities before.
A few weeks: will it be 35 days or maybe 63 days of depth shocks, followed by a horrific explosion and the “FLOOD”.

Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska

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