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APOCALYPSE which will greatly affect the Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN

Praise be to God.

APOCALYPSE which will greatly affect the Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN

I write on the basis of the words of Mary, Mother of Jesus, who in the “Address” of Fátima in 1917 ordered Lucia to announce the contents of the “Address” to the whole world.

“The SIGN which will appear in the sky will be the SIGN of the beginning of the Apocalypse”.

These are the “Words” of God the Father passed on in a church during the service by Jesus Christ, the executor of God’s “Will”. It was me, Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska, who heard the “Words” of God the Father addressed to me. When I heard it I trembled in fear and now I am passing them to the others. There will be given no date of the beginning of the Apocalypse.

The beginning of the 21st century Apocalypse will be announced by the “SIGN” which will appear in the sky.

Through people on the earth God spreads His “Words” addressed to all the people in the world.
At present Mary, Mother of God, who knows the “Punishments” that will affect mankind and the earth, is appealing to all the people who abandoned faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ to start believing in God anew and stop doing evil.
During the revelations in Fátima, in July 1917, Mary, Mother of God gave an “Address” to Lucia, and at the end of the revelations she explained and gave an additional, special “Address” to Lucia which has gone down in history under the name of the “Third Secret of Fátima”. Many years later Lucia wrote down the content of the “Address” and in 1953 it was delivered in a sealed envelope to Pope Pius XII with sister’s Lucia note on the envelope saying that after 1960 the document could be revealed to the whole world.
Having made himself familiar with the content of the document, Pope Pius XII was distressed, horrified even. He sealed it again and secured it in the safe for his successor.
In 1958, John XXIII was elected pope. He made himself familiar with the secret as late as two years later. He was shocked at the “Punishments” which will affect people. He ordered that the document be placed in the Vatican safe for his successor. He believed that the publicizing of the ”Address” could trigger panic on a world scale.
Revealing the full contents of the “Third Secret of Fátima” to the whole world after the year 1960, as it was written in the note by sister Lucia, could cause people’s conversion to God, but would not spread panic as Pope John XXIII suggested after having read the contents of the document.
The wish of Mary, Mother of God, being unfulfilled will lead to destruction of many countries and death of one third of population. The countries which are especially endangered are those situated by the sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
After reading the “Address” of Fátima Pope Paul VI approved of the decisions of his predecessors. He refused to reveal “Third Secret of Fátima” to the public but he did not doubt that it should be used at least partly to ensure peace in the world. This happened during the Cuban crisis. Revealing some fragments of the “Address” in 1963-64 to leaders of the Soviet Union, United States of America and Great Britain contributed to them entering into a peace treaty.
Pope John Paul II read the contents of the “Address” after having the assassination attempt on his life on May 13, 1981. He took similar actions as his predecessors did: the letter containing the “Third Secret of Fátima” was sent back to the Vatican safe, thus not fulfilling the wish of Mary, Mother of Jesus, to reveal the full contents of the “Address” of Fátima to the whole world, which was written by sister Lucia on the envelope. The time of “Punishment” was approaching and the contents of the “Address” of Fátima remained closed in the Vatican safe and was unknown to the people all over the world.
“HEAVEN” itself intervened with Pope John Paul II. At night in his apartment in Vatican he had a vision on the announcement of the “Third Secret of Fátima”. This is referred to in Stefan Budzyński’s book entitled “Dotknięcie Boga” [“God’s Touch”] as “Mysterious Vision of John Paul II”. His personal secretary heard the pope’s words coming from the pope’s apartment: “Please, be merciful to Poland”, he entered the room and saw the pope hiding his face in his hands. There were tears rolling down his face. He was dejected and sad. Father Dziwisz touched the pope’s shoulder and asked: “What has happened, Your Holiness?”. After a moment of silence the pope replied: “Nothing, I am OK. – So, why are you crying, Holy Father?” asked Father Dziwisz. – If you had seen what I saw, you would be crying as well.”
Who was this mysterious person that John Paul II was obviously talking to? After this dramatic vision Pope John Paul II had the “Address” of Fátima together with the “Third Secret of Fátima” translated into Italian.
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, received it from Pope John Paul II in order to publicize this text via television to the whole world.
Pope John Paul II gave the second copy of the translation of the “Third Secret of Fátima” to the Polish catholic writer Stefan Budzyński in order to edit it and have it published in print in Poland. The “Address” of Fátima together with the “Third Secret of Fátima” was published under title “FATIMA 117”, among other prophecies, in a book entitled “Przepowiednie dla świata” [“Prophecies for the World”].
Stefan Budzyński in his book “Dotknięcie Boga” informs us on page 73, line 11 counting from the top of the page – “Currently we have the full text of the “Third Secret of Fátima” which is a translation from the sister Lucia’s original written down in Portuguese, however I must make a reservation that it does not come from official sources”.
Stefan Budzyński publicized the text of the “Third Secret of Fátima” in a book entitled “Dotknięcie Boga” on pages 73-74, in an article entitled “Orędzie Madonny z Akita, a III tajemnica fatimska” [“Address of Lady from Akita and the Third Secret of Fátima”]. The book was published in print in Poland in 1995 in the printing house “Adam”.
“FATIMA 1917” includes a foreword with an introduction to the period from the times of conveying the “Address” of Fátima by Mary, Mother of God, to Lucia to the period when it was kept in the Vatican safe. Pope John Paul II had the text of the “Third Secret of Fátima” translated in 1982 after personal intervention of Mary, Mother of God.
1. Events.
2. The Third Secret of Fátima.
3.The predicted course of the third world war.
4. Disturbances in nature.
5. Later addresses delivered to sister Lucia.
6. Address of Mother of God from 1954.
7. Jesus Christ’s words concerning recognition of the “Time” when “an alien object from the space” will burst and fall into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the Caribbean Sea.
8. Poisoning of the air on the entire earth with “Methane and gas from outer space”.
The “Punishments” that will affect humanity of the world are provided in part 3, 4, 7 and 8 of “FATIMA 1917”.
Wars will break out in the eastern Asia and in Europe during which nuclear weapon will be used.
As it is given, in Asia China will declare war on Russia in order to gain the northern territories of Asia that now belong to the Russian Federation for they are rich in oil and gas and China needs them to boost its economic development. After defeating Russia China will attack the Arab countries situated by the Persian Gulf and countries by the Caspian Sea, countries in the south of Europe and they will drop missiles on the whole earth.
In Germany the NPD party whose leader is Udo Voigt will strive to gain power and the Germans will be fighting with the Germans. The German NPD party aspires to fulfill Adolf Hitler’s idea of forming “Great Germany”. In order to fulfill this idea, the NPD party after seizing power in Germany will declare war on: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. The German party NPD after seizing power will attack Kaliningrad – the former German Królewiec – Konigsberg to reclaim it from Russia during the Chinese-Russian war. When the German party NPD is in power, the Germans will invade the territories of western and northern Poland, destroying everything and murdering Polish inhabitants on the territories once belonging to the Germany.
Terrible earthquakes will start under the bottom of the Arctic Sea caused by emerging of the “New Big Land” – “Sea bottom”, forecast in FATIMA 1917 “Disturbances in nature”. This will generate the “FLOOD” in the northern hemisphere. Water and ice from the depth of approx. 4300 meters will be lifted up together with sea bottom. Sea bottom will become the “New Big Land” and water with ice will fall down on the land by the sea, flooding them, and into seas increasing significantly the level of: Baffin, Greenland, Norwegian and White seas. Water will flow down to the Atlantic Ocean. Water of the “FLOOD” flowing with a very high wave in the Atlantic Ocean will be flooding and sinking low-lying shores, islands, fleet, cities, ports and other buildings. The level of water will be decreasing gradually and water will flow apart into seas and the ocean lifting the sea level by several meters. A high wave of water from the Norwegian Sea will flow into the North Sea, flooding and sinking the lowlands of the Netherlands-Holland, shores of Norway and Sweden as well as completely flooding Denmark; flood water will flow into the Baltic Sea increasing the sea level by several meters and flooding sandbars and lowland coastal territories of all countries situated by the Baltic Sea. The lowlands of northern Germany will be flooded and sunk, the same will happen to northern Poland and western parts of Belgium, western lowlands of France and moreover water will burst with a high wave into the territory of Great Britain and Ireland. Islands, coastal lowlands of Scotland and Ireland will be flooded and sunk. The flowing flood waters will be restrained from getting into the English channel by the Strait of Dover. Seawater will burst into the lowlands of England flooding and sinking; it will also flow across London, the capital of England.
I hereby inform, as the clairvoyant says, that Queen Elisabeth II together with her husband will be flooded with water and both will drown.
It is necessary to relocate people and animals to high-lying lands – approx. by 100 meters above the sea level during 30 days after the “SIGN” forecasting the beginning of the Apocalypse appears in the sky. I was informed by Mary, Mother of God, that such period of the “Time” preceding the explosion under the bottom of the Arctic Sea will be granted in order to save people from drowning – those who believe in God the Father and Jesus Christ, His Son, or those who will believe.
I quote: it is given in “Disturbances in nature” – From the north disasters will surprise the Chinese army when in Europe fighting with Russia. The Chinese will withdraw because of these horrifying calamities.
“This will last only few weeks but its horror will be so terrible as no similar disaster has ever affected the earth”.
The phrase mentioned above refers to the “New Big Land” emerging out of the waters of the Arctic Sea. Terrible earthquakes will last barely few weeks, more than 5 and less than 10.
There will be no sea as it is given in the Bible – Apocalypse in chapter 21, line 1. I quote: I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth was gone and the sea is now no more.
In the north instead of the sea there will be the “New Big Land”.
More water from the Arctic Sea and the northern seas by the lands fell down on the territories of North America and Canada, the seas and Europe than into the Pacific and on the territory of Asia. Water level of the seas and the Atlantic Ocean will be higher than it is now. The water levels will equal near Antarctica. Water from the Atlantic Ocean will be flowing into the Indian Ocean and the Pacific till the levels of water are equal.
Father Pio in his revelations passes the “Words” of Jesus: “You do not know the day or the hour, when the punishment comes”. My Father knows when it comes. Keep in mind this harsh admonition that he gives. Do not be afraid of it and do not ignore it for all the mankind is threatened with a danger. Because there is no much time left we have to use it ardently, not surrendering to the evil and not yielding. Your task and your duty is to point to the approaching danger for there will be no excuse that you did not know about it. The heaven has been waiting and warning for a long time but people do not care about it.
When it is too late, at night a “HUGE BOULDER” will appear out of white fog and will hit the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the Caribbean Sea.
The strike of such a “Huge Boulder” in the water of the Atlantic Ocean will result in immense destruction caused by “Tsunami” waves which will burst with a great power into the shores and islands, destroying everything on the way. Hot air around the “Planetoid-boulder” will cause fires and people’s death.
The fall of the “Planetoid-boulder” into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean may cause wobbling of the earth, depth earthquakes; islands and parts of land of South America may sink, California Peninsula may tear off the North America’s lands. The horrific “Tsunami” waves that will fall down on the territory of Europe, Africa and three Americas will cause unimaginable destruction.
The “Tsunami” waves will burst with tremendous power into the lands of Great Britain, Ireland and islands or they will hit the high shores bringing about vast destruction. This will happen in the “Third night” after the planetoid-boulder’s fall into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Terrible earthquakes will start. People who live near the southern territories by the sea should be transferred already during the first night, which will be very cold, and the second day about one kilometer away from the shores to such premises as: hotels, schools and others and they should stay there for the period of “Three-day” disaster and the time of the sea waves “Tsunami” bursting into the territories of Great Britain and Ireland.

The words of Jesus refer to the strike of the “Huge Boulder” from outer space into the earth surface. “This will start on a very cold night. Thunders and earthquakes will linger for two days and two nights. This will prove that God rules above all of us. Those who have a hope in Me and believe My words, let they not fear anything, because I will not abandon them, as well as those who spread this revelation in order to make people come to their senses. Those who will be in a state of grace and with My Mother, those will survive.
In order to prepare you, I hereby give you the signs. Be careful: the last night will be very cold, the wind will be roaring and then thunders will be heard. Close the windows and doors, do not speak to anyone outside your home.
Then kneel under a cross, repent for your sins and ask Mary, Mother of Jesus, for care. Those who will not follow this advice, will die immediately, their hearts will not stand this view.
The air will be saturated with gas and poison which will spread over the whole earth. Those who shall be suffering innocently will not die but they will become martyrs and will enter the God’s Kingdom.
On the third night fire and earthquakes will start and on the next day – the sun will shine. Depth earthquakes may result in collapsing of buildings and may force people to leave their houses and go outside into the poisoned air. One should ask Mary, Mother of Jesus, for salvation, in such words:
“Holy Queen, mediatrix of people, our only refuge and hope, be merciful to us.”

Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska

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