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Praised be Jesus Christ.


The REVELATION of the Apocalypse is the "Testament" of God the Father. The Apocalypse will touch the people of ISRAEL. The Government of Israel should recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Messiah. If not, God will not be able to protect them from the attack of the Chinese army.

The present writing is aimed to remind the people of ISRAEL the Message given by Our Lady Mary Mother of Jesus in Fatima in 1917. She asked a Portuguese girl Lucy to announce this "Message” to the mankind. The Mother Mary, calls humanity to return to God. The people are not ignored “Words” contained in the Message of Fatima. Only then can avoid punish when people will return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, those penalties are in the Message.

"This sign, which will appear in the sky, will be a sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse."

- Such words were transmitted to me Wanda Stańska-Proszynska in the church during the Mass, in Warsaw on the 9th of March 2008.

The beginning of the Apocalypse will be announced by a sign, which will appear in the sky. The date of the beginning of the Apocalypse is unknown. The LORD GOD decides on the beginning of the Apocalypse.

When I was 10 years old, my mother took me to the meadow near our village, where the apparitions of Mary Mother of God were taking place. These apparitions began on 12 July 1935, on the meadows of the village Przygody near Siedlce in Poland. I was not aware of what was going on. The only what I knew was that people were gathering there for a prayer. Being there, I run and knelt beside a 11 year old girl who was seeing Mother of God and observed the girl. The visionary name was Helena Parapura. The girl said that Mary Mother of God message consisted in calling humanity to return of to God, turn from of evil, do penance for the sins. She announced a "punishment". Indeed the war broke out in 1939.

Also one Jew called Leib, who leased an orchard in this locality, came to these apparitions. Mother Mary appeared to him of

Mother Mary revealed to him, giving him an "It the “JEWS” not emigration from Poland they will touch every Holocaust – death”.

And Mother Mary told Leib to pass this information to the Jewish elders in Siedlce. The Jews did not want to obey the “WORDS” of God, about the threat of their lives in Poland" directed to them by Mother Mary. Few young Polish Jews left for Palestine to learn the language. To the tragedy occurred, it was already too late for the escape. Jews were ordered to live in the closed “GHETTOS”, where they suffered hunger, diseases and isolation until they were transported to the extermination camps. Millions of Jews were killed in the gas chambers.

Guilty of a murder, the Jews charged to the Germans. Since the Jews despised the warning of Mary Mother of God "that awaits them in “ANNIHILATION" because they do not want to accept the Lord Jesus, that is the Son of God the Father, when the Jews The Jesus for hung on the cross.” They are guilty of this tragedy. Jews have to leave Poland, moving to the United States, or on the east to Russia and Kazakhstan. In the United States does not Jews come with the assistance of Jews in Poland. Poor Jewish not have to go for what the United States, so had to die. A similar situation can happen when "the Third World War", which is given in the "Messages" of Fatima, provided by the Mary Mother of Jesus, called "Third Fatima Mystery."

"Messages" of Fatima, have been translated from the original in Portuguese sister Lucy in 1982, at the request of Pope John Paul II, after a personal visit at the Vatican, which has been shown by the Mother of Jesus Mary, Pope John Paul II "penalties" to touch humanity, if it does not return people to believe in "God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ." "The third mystery of Fatima," was released in Poland in 1995, in the book, "Prophecy for the World", among other things Message Pt. "Fatima in 1917," by Stefan Budzyńskiego, who in his book Pt. "Touching God", has issued a prediction of Fatima in the articles. "The Message of Our Lady of Akita, and III of the mystery of Fatima." In this article Stefan Budzynski informs: "It now has full text III secret of Fatima that is a translation from the original Portuguese s. Lucy, although I have to stipulate that it does not come from official sources."
KARYNAŁ Joseph Ratzinger REFEKT Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, denies JOURNALIST. In an interview for German PETER SEEWALD.
"Ratzinger has made clear that the third secret of Fatima is the only prophecy still stored in the secret archives of the office, once called the Holy Officjum. Then, implicitly denied the authenticity of the text already widespread By asserting that so far are familiar with it no more than three or four people. Therefore, such a concern fear a third world war announcement described the rumors as totally groundless. "
He could not know, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, that the mother of Jesus, Mary, appeared in July 1935. 12 years to 19 July 1943, in Poland, Adventure herbages village, the parish Suchożebry near Siedlce and forwarded by the air mail letter end internet to the people, the content "Message from the third Mystery Fatima", which instructed me Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska sent to the governments of countries in the world, I turn to the people of faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ in order to avoid the “Annihilation".

Pope Benedict XVI, while in death camp put the question "Where was God when the Lord"? The answer to the question of Pope Benedict XVI is in the books by Anna Fri. "God's Education". The Lord Jesus said to Anna that he talks about the current "Punishment" which touch the world: "People now own blood must wash their sins." "Punishment" which touches the Southern Europe, the invasion of the Mediterranean Sea to the Chinese army. he task of the Chinese army will destroy everything and murdering white people. China aim to rule the yellow race of people over the world, people hate the white race.

Mother of Jesus, Mary, wants to save the people from the next ISRAEL "Holocaust", in the future Apocalypse, forward them to "words" from God the Father, "The recognition by the Government of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the Son of God Father, acceptance of the Christian faith and baptism by the population Israel ".

Failure to do by the Government of Israel, these conditions, obtained from God the Father by the Mother of Jesus Mary, in order to rescue the people of Israel from the "Holocaust". Invasion the multi-million Chinese army into the Israel, which would destroy everything within a short time and will murder the people of Israel. These weapons, which Israel has, is to fight at a distance, the Chinese military is trained to fight at close distance, with the surprise attack, quickly made and move to another location.

At the beginning of the Apocalypse will start war in Asia and Europe, which will be used in nuclear weapons. China striving to accelerate the economic development of their country, and do they require a new land-rich layers of oil, gas and other minerals. These areas are in North Asia and belong to the Russian Federation. Once these areas consult China, by the war of the Russian Federation. China have a huge number of people, seek to rule the yellow race of people over the world. After the defeat of the Russian Federation in the Asia within a short time, about 2 months. China will give the war the countries of Arabian Gulf, the Caspian Sea countries, South Europe and bring nuclear missiles for the entire world.

In Europe, the war will give Germany: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia are willing to answer the former German port -Kaliningrad.

Lot with the German NPD, comes to power in Germany. The aim NPD party, is a realization of Adolf Hitler's idea o creating a "Great Germany." To create a "Great Germany", to be defeated in the war to Poland, then the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia Kaliningrad recover from, and in China during the war with Russia.

NPD, after the Party to power, it shall request from the Polish, Czech and Russia, the return of land belonging to Germany before the Second World War. Not having received the return of the land, will give Germany a war Poland and Russia. For Poland, the German troops will attack from Dresden, to the Sudetenland. On the land acquired, the German army will destroy everything, and the Polish population living in these areas murder. From Berlin, the German army to go to Poznan Warsaw. You will be attacked Szczecin. Russia and Poland is the North attack the German troops from the Baltic Sea.

Belong to the EU and Polish Germany does not allow the defense of Polish borders. The German tanks came easily to the Polish.

On the north, the Arctic sea bottom deep earthquakes occur, which will increase to more and more rapidly. The cause of earthquakes deep water, the emergence of a "new order" from the depths of the sea. There will be an explosion, water and ice from the bottom of the sea, will be catch up. Water from ice fall into the land, and seas, bottling and will burn raising the ocean level in the water for a large amount. Arctic seabed will be a large "new land".

The high tide sea water in the Atlantic Ocean "Deluge, will be sailed and flood coastal lowland areas of land and islands. It touches a lot of lowland coastal areas. Cities, ports, sea water will flood. The population residing on the lowland areas, at the edge of the sea, should leave the area and moved in to secure a higher place.

Shortly after the outbreak of the bottom of the Arctic Sea, deep-sea earthquake will occur at the bottom of the Mediterranean, due to the pressing of the continent of Africa onto the continent of Europe. Horribly high sea waves "tsunami" with a huge force fleece lands on the shores and islands of the Mediterranean Sea, causing a great damage. Also volcanoes will explode. Etna volcano, lava floods and volcanic ashes will cover the entire island of Sicily. A terrible explosion of the extinct volcano Vesuvio will destroy a large area, including Rome and Vatican City.

Edges are also destroyed the land of Israel, the sea waves "tsunami". In the French Alps and Switzerland, these will be tectonic movements. At the River Rhine, deep-sea earthquake will collapse and destroy the plates immerse pipes in many cities

The "Bible-Apocalypse" in Chapter 17, 1. to 18., verse, is written by Saint. John the Apostle and the encrypted message from God the Father, and for China. Currently, no encryption is provided by the Mary Mother of God in the "Message" of Fatima. Those people who previously had believed in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and abandoned the faith in God and do not want to return to God will be destroyed during the war by the Chinese army.

China non-believer in God, the nation is at war to destroy those who previously believed in God, and now departed from God and do wrong. ISRAEL and the touch that does not want to recognize Jesus as the Son of God the Father.

These will be a Chinese military invasion into the Mediterranean Basin, hungry soldiers will attack as "locusts." Millions of Chinese, attacking, destroying and murdering white population will quickly move from one place to another, leaving behind a monstrous destruction and human flesh.

How to protect the population believing in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, dwelling on the coasts ant the islands of the Mediterranean Sea? The most difficult is that people believe in the threat of Chinese military attack on Southern Europe, and objected to the joint, or left the residence of saving his life, moved within 60 days of the show is "the" in the sky, more to the areas north of Romania, Moldova and Ukraine , for a short time. You may be approached after the return of all destroyed.

Chinese Army will break into two parts. One part of the Chinese army will attack Greece and the islands, and then it will enter Bulgaria up to the river Danube, on the way and destroying and killing the local population. The army will follow the Danube river valley in the direction of Germany and France, to meet the second part of the Chinese army.

The second part of the Chinese army will enter the Adriatic Sea region, attacking areas of Croatia and Italy, destroying everything and murdering the people of the white race. After the destruction of Rome and the City of Vatican and killing the priests and the inhabitants of Rome, the Chinese army will go following the river Po in the direction of France where both parts of the Chinese army will join again, and they will attack France, Belgium, Spain and other countries.

Will France, Belgium and Spain be able to defeat the Chinese army? Chinese army will be in Germany and France in the Alps, no longer dangerous to the white population.

These will be an intrusion of big "Asteroid-stone" of the cosmos into the Earth. It will be red-hot by the resistance of air. It will strike in the Atlantic Ocean waters near the Caribbean Sea, causing an enormous damage in the Americas. The collapse of such a large rock on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean will generate an earthquake and hugely high sea waves "tsunami", which fleece on the island and the coasts of the Americas, Africa and Europe, destroying everything on their way.

"Words" of Jesus
on the intrusion of the "boulder" from the outer space into:
It will be very cold at night. Thunder and the earthquake will last for two days and two nights. This will be proof that God is Lord over all. Those who have hope in me and believe my "words", let it not fear anything, because I do not leave, and those who disseminate this revelation for conversion of the humanity. Who will be in the state of the sanctifying grace and My Mother, ago also nothing happens. You were so prepared, it gives you the characters. Take heed: the last night will be very cold, the wind will blow, and thunders will appear. Then close the windows and doors, and do not talk to anyone outside the home. Kneel under the cross , do penitence for your sins and pray my Mother. And who does not obey this advice, immediately will die. His heart will not sustain this view.

The air will be saturated with poison gas, which will fill the atmosphere.

Who will suffer innocently, do not die, you martyr, and will enter into the Kingdom of God. On the third night will come the earthquake and fire, and on the following day the sun will shine longer. Angels come down from heaven as a human being and will bring peace on earth. Immeasurable gratitude saved will rise to heaven in thanksgiving prayer. The penalty that would fall upon mankind, may not be comparable to any punishment, which God sent the creation of the world.
One third of the mankind will die. "

The earthquake may cause the collapse of buildings and it will be necessary to leave home, to avoid the death under the debris. The air will be poisoned.
Please ask the Lord Jesus, Mother Mary of the rescue. We should address Mary, Mother of Jesus begging her for salvation:

“Holy Queen, of people, our only refuge and hope, be merciful to us.”
Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska
ul. Gwiaździsta 21 m. 22. 01-651 Warszawa Poland

„ Third Fatima Mystery” Poland end English/

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