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APOKALIPSA ALBANII i wysp na Morzu Adriatyckim..

Język English 24 styczeń 2010 rok
Praised be Jesus Christ.

APOKALIPSA. which affect the population of ALBANIA .

Inform the population living in ALBANIA and the Adriatic Sea islands that
Lady Mary, during her apparition at Fatima, gave 3 went to three children, "Lady". Instructed Lucia transcribe the "Messages" and the content of their ads all over the world. In my Messages "these calls Mary the Mother of God, mankind to return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. If people do not take these words to his heart, and do not return to faith in God, waiting for their "penalty" passed in the "my Messages". They are horrible, "Penalties", it's hard to imagine how to survive the terrible war in which nuclear weapons will be used, the Arctic Ocean will disappear and the water, which is in the sea will cause "Deluge" on the whole planet. If the "penalty" was not enough, in the area of land is to invade the "asteroid-stone" as big as a mountain, approximately 2 000 meters. Red-hot air resistance "Boulder" in the fall to the ground, hit in the water of the Atlantic Ocean near the Caspian Sea, causing unimaginable destruction on the islands and shores of continents. No one is alive, hot air burn and kill absolutely everything in life the Caribbean islands and the mainland shores of the Americas.

"The MARK, which will show up in the sky is a sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse".

These are the "WORD" of God the Father who sent me Stańska-Prószyńska Wanda, of 09 March 2008. I was in the church and during Mass. I heard, forwarded to me, 'WORDS', God the Father, the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Beginning of Revelation proclaim himself God, "SIGN", which will be shown in the sky.

The will of God the Father sent the "my Messages" Fatima, announced to the world the content contained in these "my Messages" was not made by the Popes. Reason monstrous "Penalties", provided in the "my Messages" Fatima, which have touched humanity around the world. If people do not return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

Mary Mother of the Lord Jesus uses me to inform humanity about the threat "Penalties", provided in a "my Messages" Fatima, which may affect the entire world. These penalties are saved by Saint John in the "Bible" called the Apocalypse. Browse the apocalypse transmitted by God the Father for humanity around the world. That it is not known in advance the content of TESTAMENT entrusted by God the Father. By Saint John recording "WORD" of God the Father in the Bible, Je encrypted. Chapters of the Bible are often quoted in the Gospel in the Church, but are not translated to the faithful. In my Messages "Fatima, sent by the Mother of Jesus Mary, the content Testament God the Father, is no cipher. Calls on humanity around the world, to return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. If people do not return to faith in God the Father, that whole nations perish.

Pope John Paul II, it was only after the intervention of Mary, Mother of Jesus and the revelation of him in a film, "Penalties" which may affect the entire world. If mankind does not return to faith in God and recognize Jesus Christ the Son of God the Father (this applies to Israel). Terrified, "Penalties" what he saw Pope John Paul II, asked for the translation of the Portuguese language content "Messages" Fatima, known as one of the "Messages", "third secret of Fatima". Written by Sister Lucy, the contents of them, to announce to the whole world. Objected to this several cardinals and Pope John Paul II in Poland could only issue letters "Third Secret of Fatima".
Despite the translation of Pope John Paul II, the Portuguese language content "Messages" Fatima, called "third secret of Fatima" written by Sister Lucy, the prefect, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, once again closed the "Third Secret of Fatima" safe in the Vatican. Saying that it was only predictions gave Mary the Mother of God, there's not terrible.

It is the Internet Pt. "FATIMA 1917, in Polish and English, which represents about 20 pages.


Before the presentation of the "TRADE" in the sky, the beginning of the Apocalypse, will appear in the sky "Shining CROSS" Lord Jesus, it will be a warning and a call to conversion of mankind to believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. "Shining CROSS" with Hosts "will be shown the evening of Maundy Thursday for 3 three days on the sky. It is stated in the year. There will be no visible sun in this time, not stars, but the nail holes will be lighted by the star of Mother earth Lady Mary.

If people refuse to believe in the existence of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and will do evil in order to please the devil, who encourages people to do evil. That seeks to "Masonry", which does not recognize the existence of God. They want to see on the ground there was evil and "THEY" The followers of the devil. This may soon occur. Before that observes the Lord Jesus, giving 14 September (Sept.), 1976, by Veronica Lucken "WORDS", warning a threat to the Church. - He quotes: "When you hear about a revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing and seeking refuge in another country, know that the time was ripe. But beg and pray that your good high priest of Rome did not leave because he allowed a man of dark secrets seize his throne. "Masonry" riots in the Vatican is preparing to force the Pope to leave the Vatican, fearing for their lives and sit "Freemasonry on the papal throne."

War to erupt in Asia and Europe, which will be used in nuclear weapons. China's desire to accelerate the economic development of their country, they need new areas rich in deposits of oil, gas and other minerals. These sites are in Northern Asia, belong to the Russian Federation. Once these areas will reach China, giving the war the Russian Federation that they will use the nuclear weapons. China's desire to dominate the population of yellow race of the world. In order to quickly defeat the Russian Federation in Asia, China will throw nukes at arms plants and experimental facilities with nuclear weapons in Russia. Nuclear explosions cause massive destruction in Russia and the deaths of thousands of people. During the explosion of nuclear bombs wind created as the "Tornado", which kidnaps enormous strength and destroy everything, spreading radioactive dust throughout the land. After the defeat of the Russian Federation in Asia, China will spend the war: the Persian Gulf Arab countries, the countries of the Caspian Sea, southern Europe and throw nuclear missiles around the world.

In Europe, the war issue to Germany: Poland, the Czech Republic. Slovakia and Russia. In Germany, the NPD party to power, whose purpose is to create a "Greater Germany". To create a great Germany, they need land without people: Polish, Czech, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, the withdrawal of Russia, the former Koenigsberg and the inclusion of Austria into Germany and we have a "Greater Germany". Chancellor of the German NPD party, after coming to power, has requested from: Polish, Czech and Russia, the return of land belonging to Germany before World War II. Germany has not received a refund of these areas, will spend the war Poland and Russia. The German army invaded the Western and Northern areas of Polish, destroying everything and killing Polish population, residing in these areas. Is given in the "Third Secret of Fatima". What do Germans will be a suicide. They will count on the Polish occupation. Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, knowing that in the event of German victory awaits them is destruction, develop a common defense against the Germans.

Germany attacked Russia and China during the war with Russia, winning the former German Königsberg Kaliningrad. Russia after the lost war with China in Asia, hit the Kaliningrad to receive it from the German. Russian Army invaded the territory of Germany, to unload all your fury on the German population, the attack on Kaliningrad, in China during the war with Russia, the murder of the Russian people for losing the war in Asia, suffered a defeat, the Russian army will destroy everything and kill population in Germany .. Is given in the "Third Secret of Fatima" that the Russian army comes to the Atlantic - incursion into Belgium or France. Against the Russian army moves troops at risk countries. The Russians will be forced to withdraw from the Ukraine, leaving behind scorched earth and the ruins of the city. The Russian army returning to Russia, to destroy in the Czech Republic capital of Prague and Bratislava in Slovakia.

At the same north beneath the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, deep earthquakes occur, due to the emergence of "new order". earthquakes will increase to more and more rapidly, until an explosion occurs in the depths of the earth. Ice, water and the seabed is deep-sea explosion, squeezed up. Bottom of the Sea will be "New high land" in the North. Ice and water will fall on land sites, flooding them and sinking the lowest areas of land. Ice and water will fall and where the existing sea, raising water levels are very high altitude, causing a "Deluge". Water sailing very high sea waves and the ocean will boil and submerge low-lying areas of the mainland shore and islands. Touches many lowland areas of countries in contact with the sea and the ocean. Ports and cities built on lowland areas are completely flooded with seawater. Population residing in lowland areas at the edge of the sea, so as not to drown, should leave the area and move to the higher sites safe.

Shortly after the outbreak of the bottom of the Arctic Sea, deep-sea earthquake occurs, the ground beneath the Mediterranean Sea, due to pressure from mainland Africa to mainland Europe. Deep earthquake beneath the Mediterranean Sea would produce waves "Tsunami", which tumble with a huge force to the islands and banks of the mainland of Europe and Africa. Causing them great damage, ports and cities built on lowland areas. Volcanoes erupt. Mount Etna lava flood the entire island of Sicily and spammed volcanic ash. Extinct volcano Vesuvius, monstrous shock and explosion destroyed around a lot of areas, including Rome and the Vatican. Falls in the area of Marseille, will rise crackes rocks and cliffs. Deep earthquakes beneath the river Rhine, the board will collapse in Westphalia. Will destroy many cities in the sea water inflow cavity mouth REN.

Is given in the "Message" and sent to Fatima by Our Lady Mary. "Humanity, which before that believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and departed from the faith in God and do not want to return back to faith in God will be destroyed during the war by the Chinese military. China, a nation of believers in God, is to during the war, to destroy those who believed in God before, and now departed from God and do wrong. "punishment" that touches the Southern Europe, this incursion into the Mediterranean's army. The task of the Chinese army will destroy everything and murdering the population of the white race .

Chinese Army after the massacre of the population of Arab territories, intruded into the Mediterranean Sea to attack the island in the Mediterranean shores of Turkey, islands in the Aegean Sea, Greece. The Chinese army will split into two parts. The first part of the Chinese army is by Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania to reach the Danube River to the valley followed by Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany to the French frontier. Along the way, destroying everything and killing the people living there. Against the Chinese army at the Bavarian Forest, the army would wait states threatened Chinese invasion. It comes to battle, southern Fly squadron of aircraft, nuclear missiles will be discharged. The first part of the People's Army ceased to exist.

The second part of the People's Army from Greece, Albania, Black Mountain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, an island in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, Slovenia reaches to Italy and the Vatican in Rome was destroyed by a volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. After the Chinese army along the way will be destroyed and murdered all the people of the white race in those areas. After entry of the ruined Roman army People murder people and clergy of Rome. After this act, the Chinese military after the river valley would follow in the direction of France, destroying and murdering the population living in these areas. Near the French border in Italy, comes to meeting the Chinese army and troops vulnerable states, it comes to battle, Fly aircraft squadron of the South. The throws nuclear missiles, the Chinese army, which will cease to exist.

Into the ground get into a big "Asteroids-boulder" from outer space. "Boulder" of fire to the red by air resistance during the fall "boulder". Knocked out of him drowning in pieces the rocks on the ground, causing damage and fires. "Asteroid-stone" to hit the water in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Caribbean Sea, causing massive destruction on the islands and the mainland of the Americas. Hot air accompanying decreasing "Boulder”, will in the islands and shores of the mainland of the Americas fires. Who will stay on the ground die. Collapse of the "boulder" of about 2 000 meters deep earthquake will cause the whole world, on both sides of the Americas. Big waves "Tsunami" tumble on the island and land all over the world, causing destruction and death of millions of people. Will be made on many islands in the oceans and Caribbean Sea.

The “WORDS” of Jesus,
refer to the strike of the “Huge Boulder” from outer space into the earth surface. “This will start on a very cold night. Thunders and earthquakes will linger for two days and two nights. This will prove that God rules above all of us. Those who have a hope in Me and believe My words, let they not fear anything, because I will not abandon them, as well as those who spread this revelation in order to make people come to their senses. Those who will be in a state of grace and with My Mother, those will survive.
In order to prepare you, I hereby give you the signs. Be careful: the last night will be very cold, the wind will be roaring and then thunders will be heard. Close the windows and doors, do not speak to anyone outside your home.
Then kneel under a cross, repent for your sins and ask Mary, Mother of Jesus, for care. Those who will not follow this advice, will die immediately, their hearts will not stand this view.
The air will be saturated with gas and poison which will spread over the whole earth. Those who shall be suffering innocently will not die but they will become martyrs and will enter the God’s Kingdom.
On the third night fire and earthquakes will start and on the next day – the sun will shine. Depth earthquakes may result in collapsing of buildings and may force people to leave their houses and go outside into the poisoned air. One should ask Mary, Mother of Jesus, for salvation, in such words:

“Holy Queen, mediatrix of people, our only refuge and hope, be merciful to us.”
Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska

ul. Gwiaździsta 21 m. 22. 01-651 Warszawa Poland

Deep earth quake can cause the collapse of the building and the need to leave home, not to be crushed by rubble. On the outside air is poisoned. Should ask Mary the Mother of Jesus for help, saying:

"Queen of Christmas, Mediatrix of people, our only refuge and hope. Be merciful to us”.

Excuse me, English translation, made by" the Translator "in Internecie.
Population residing Sea Adriatic, should leave the land boundary. while deep in the earth quake and Chinese army incursions into the Mediterranean, moving northeast away from the shores of the sea. Chinese attack on Europe is the penalty for lack of faith in God, and the lack of Prayer. Prayer, we beg the care of Our Lady Mary. Revelation will last more than 5 months, and only then will the collapse of a huge boulder like a mountain. The information is based only on "my Messages" Fatima, this is all written in the "Bible" St. Jan. my mail wanda.stanska@gmail.com

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