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20 face 2009 years
Praised be Jesus Christ.

APOKALIPSA. Which affect the population living in GEORGIA, ARMENIA, AZERBAJIAN and CHECHNYA .

And inform the population living in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Chechnya, in the 'Message' Fatima Mary, Mother of Jesus, calls on people around the world to return to belief in God. "Lady" has been provided by the Mother of Jesus Mary Sister Lucy, to write and to publish the entire world. People should not underestimate the content provided in the "my Messages", because they can touch their monstrous "penalties" provided in the "my Messages".

"The MARK, which will show up in the sky, is a sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse.

These are the "words" from God the Father communicated in the Church during Mass. on 9 March 208 years, in Warsaw. I Wanda Stańska - Prószyńska "Word" of God the Father heard and communicate to people that proclaim the beginning of the Apocalypse "MARK", which will be shown in the sky, another date is not the beginning of the Apocalypse.

GOD alone decides on the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Mary Mother of Jesus, spoken by me, to inform humanity that if people do not return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, waiting for their monstrous "Penalties", provided in the "Message" Fatima, to touch the whole world. How to get those people to tell them if they do not return to God, waiting for you monstrous "Penalties", which are recorded in the Bible, called Revelation. Only the return of people to faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ can save the world from destruction.

Is given in the "Third Secret of Fatima" in "words" Lord Jesus, that during the Apocalypse is lost two thirds of humanity the world over four billion world population. Revelation will last about 6 months. On average it is fitting that around 22 million per day, the world's population will perish. To prevent this, people around the world have to change their lives and return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, repenting for their sins and evil deeds. If mankind all over the world would not return to faith in God and will continue to recognize God and sin, the raging elements on earth, will cause unimaginable destruction.

He tried to Pope John Paul II, to bring young people to God, the meetings with young people from around the world every year in another place.

"Penalties" passed on "Message" Fatima is frightening, if the dignitaries of the church, popes after reading the "Lady" would not pass them on to the whole world, but back in the safe shut the Vatican. In the "Message" was designated the beginning of Apocalypse Now is time to end of the twentieth century, 1995, Contents of the 'my Messages "Fatima is still not known to all, it is difficult to convey. Editorial offices of newspapers, they do not want to move this topic, because it is not the time for all the book people do not reach, as soon as you can read on the Internet is given:


Since the third secret of Fatima, was released in Poland by Stefan Budzyńskiego, Pt. "FATIMA 1917, not given reason why Pope John Paul II, he could not announce it to the whole world from the Vatican.

What does the Mother of Jesus, Mary, reveals the danger that will affect the world, Pope John Paul II during a visit at the Vatican in 1982. Pope John Paul II, after a vision he had in the Vatican, asking for the translation of the Portuguese language content "Messages" of Fatima, which the Mother of Jesus, Mary gave Lucia, to write and to publish the entire world. In the Vatican, Pope John Paul II met the opposition of the clergy can not be designated the "Third Secret of Fatima," the whole world of very high because of its horror content.

Pope John Paul II, the Polish writer to communicate the Catholic Stefan Budzyńskiemu, translated from the Portuguese "Third Secret of Fatima" Sister Lucy to develop and issue printed in Poland.
Stephen Budzynski book Pt. "Touching God", at p. 73, line 11 informs: "It now has full text III, the secret of Fatima, which is a translation from the original Portuguese are Lucia, although I must stipulate that it does not come to official sources.

"The Third Secret of Fatima" was released in print in Poland, P t "FATIMA 1917, in his book" The predictions for the World "in 1995.

I Stańska-Prószyńska Wanda, I knew the contents contained in the "my Messages" Fatima, in the years 1935 to 1943. During the apparitions of Mary, Mother of Jesus in the meadows village near the Polish woman's adventures in Siedlce. There, at age 10 years, I was with her mother to the apparitions of Mary Mother of Jesus. Forward to the Lady Mary, the girl information to people concerning the war in 1939, and future, in that it touches people, more terrible because it will not be used for weapons is not yet known and sea water will flood large areas of land, where will emerge from the depths Marine very large land. In the ocean to hit a large rock from space, the heated rocks. I did not know how to kindle a rock in the air, falling as fast if the space is very cold.

I then in 1935, did not call me aware of the Mary Mother of God for the visionary uklęknięcia, ran leaping through the legs kneeling people who implore God for the withdrawal "penalty - war, which was painful to touch Poland w 1939 year. I did not know then that now the Mother of Jesus, Mary, wants to use me to communicate information regarding the content of humanity "Third Secret of Fatima" and the risks they are on it.

Three books published by Stefan Budzyńskiego 1995, the Fatima prophecy, received from the owner of the kiosk, without knowing that they are issued "Lady" of Fatima, called the "third secret of Fatima" were published under the title "FATIMA 1917, in the book" Prediction of the world. "

What touches the state in the Caucasus?

Given that the China issue is Russia's war in Asia, in a war that they will use nuclear weapons to Russia beat faster in Asia, and make war on the Persian Gulf Arab countries, the countries of the Caspian Sea, southern Europe and throw nuclear missiles around the world.

China will have the support of allies and devils for a period of 5 months to conquer. Chinese military capability, it will be only five months after the beginning of the Apocalypse, when the devils of prey return to hell, so is given in the "Bible" written by Saint. Apostle John the beloved disciple of Jesus in chapter 20, verse 2, and 3, and in chapter 9, verse 10,

Only dedicated balls, which allow you to defend the survival of the war. After 5 months from the beginning of the Apocalypse, now you can beat the Chinese military and its allies. Please believe that they will. Germany in 1939, received aid devils for survival and victory in 42 months-3.5 year from August 23, 1939 to February 22, 1943, following victories over Germany from 22 February 1943 began to bear defeat.

Since the faith professed by Turkey, Iraq and Iran is different from Christianity. The same God, but is not recognized Jesus, the only Son of God the Father, who has authority over people and the whole world. For this you must have with them a Catholic priest who celebrated morning Mass at 6. devote weapons and bullets, not all balls have to kill people, can destroy the vehicles and the position of the arms. Well, if part of the army will be on the Mass. Unfortunately, without God nothing will be done. To throw off a man from power in the army. There is a saying in Polish: "Man proposes and God takes balls."

It is stated that with the help Arrive to you the English army and join the army, Georgian, Turkish, Iranian and Iraqi defending against the invasion of Chinese troops into the Caucasus, and at the end you join the army of the United States staying in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Please convey to them how to react in the "Three days of darkness" in order to survive. The hardest thing will survive - the second night, the third day and third night, due to the poisoned air. In the morning of the fourth day the sun will shine no longer, and the air will not be poisoned.

Is given in the "Third Secret of Fatima" in an article titled "Disorders in nature," into the ground get into "asteroid-stone" of the cosmos. It will be very large, around 2 000 meters "Boulder", heated to very high temperature resistance of the air. While falling to the ground, it will detach from the melting of rock fragments and drop to the ground, causing fires and damage. So the red-heated rock collapse into the water of the Atlantic Ocean, near the Caribbean Sea, causing enormous damage to the three islands and mainland of the Americas. Is given that the "asteroid" fly on the Baltic Sea, northern Poland, Germany, a morsel of greater melting of rock to fall asleep at night in Paris, which is partially burned and totally horrible collapse of a large fragment of stone, demolished.

"WORD” of the Jesus
Who be directed to men who survived war's Lord and the deluge and their fall waits now " the Planetoid - the stone” in water of Atlantic Ocean. How they have to get to know "Time,” in which "Planetoid - stone will break in area of the ground and how to keep, to survivals this dangerous "Time” and to does not undergo poisoning with gas which will surround whole the ground.

This will begin in very cold night. Thunders and the quakes of the ground will last two days and two nights. This will be proof, that God is Lord over all.
These which will has in Me hope and they will believe My words, let oneself they do not fear anything, because I the will not lower, and also these which will disseminate the present revelation for reflection of mankind. Who will be in state of mercy sanctifying and at Mother My, nothing will stand up this also.

To former on this prepared, you would pass you signs.
Be careful: lately (second) night will be cold very, wind will rumble and thunders after sure time will to come into being. Close window then and doors, do not speak from nobody from behind house. Kneel down under cross, regret for your sins and ask Mother My ( Jesus Lord) about care.
And who will not listen this advice, in twinkling of an eye will get lost. Heart his will not hold out this view.

Gas air will be replete and poison. It will surround whole the ground.
Who will suffer purely it will not get lost, it will be martyr and it will enter to God's Kingdom

Fire in third night will come and quake the ground, and in next day it will be already
to shine the sun. Angels will descend from sky in human figure and they will bring with me room on the ground. Immense gratitude saved it will rise to sky in thankful prayer,

It the only rescue then Mother of Jesus Lord the Mary, in time of threat was one should oneself to her pay back saying

" The Queen of Holiday, only human intermediary our escape, and be the hope to us merciful”.
Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska
ul. Gwiaździsta 21 m. 22. 01-651 Warszawa. Poland. Polonia.

With the entry of "Main-boulder" in the land, there will be “Three days of darkness” on earth. You must not go, because man can die immediately. The air will contain a lot of methane and space solar wind, and it will be very hot. Do not look out the window does not open the door to anyone. be dedicated to burning candles, drinking in sealed plastic bottles, can flow in the premises of poisoned air. after the third night, the sun will shine longer. You can go out.

End the war intruded, "Asteroids-boulder" in the land, while "Three days of darkness." The air of the whole earth will be poisoned by gas - methane, much of which is in the sea of decaying fish which die. During the deep-sea earthquake, get out "Methane" poisoning the air and surfaces through the hole in the stratosphere, which will destroy the "Asteroid-stone", to take one’s own life the solar wind and dust. Then it is necessary to stay indoors for three days. If it is impossible to ask Mary the Mother of Jesus for help, saying:

"Queen of Christmas, Mediatrix of people, our only refuge and hope, or merciful to us."

Likely to end the war in the Caucasus poisoned air. Chinese military will have nowhere to hide. Not knowing that Mary the Mother of God cares for the people, the Chinese will not ask her for help.

Due to lack of funds to translate the people used an automatic translator from the Internet.

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