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Praised be Jesus Christ

APOCALYPSE , which touches CROATIA

Information based on special revelation of Fatima, given by Mary Mother of God, in which she told s. Lucia, to announce the content of that revelation to the whole world.

“The SIGN which will appear in the sky, will be the SIGN of the beginning of the Apocalypse”.

These are the “Words” of God The Father transmitted to me Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska
in the church during Mass 09 March 2008, in Warsaw.

The beginning of the Apocalypse will be announced by the” SIGN” in the sky. We don't have another date of Apocalypse. God will determine the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Lady Mary uses me to inform humanity about the threat to "Punishment", to pass on in the "Message" Fatima, May touch the whole world. These "penalties" are written by Saint. John, the "Bible" called the Apocalypse. This is a TESTAMENT, sent by God the Father for humanity around the world. Was not known to mankind TESTAMENT content transmitted by God the Father, Holy. John Go encrypted. In my Messages "transmitted by Fatima Mary, Mother of Jesus, the content Testament God the Father, is no cipher. These are terrible punishment. If the Popes do not want to announce it to the whole world, just hiding in the Vatican for safe return, after hearing of his content.

Before to come out of the "SIGN" in the sky, the beginning of Apocalypse, you will see 'Shining Cross' which is a warning to humanity and back to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It will probably be visible over the whole earth from the Holy Thursday for 3 days, not given a year to show up in the sky Shining Cross of Jesus - you will not see the sun will shine only one star.

If people refuse to believe in the existence of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and will do evil in order to please the devil, who encouraged them to do evil and do not return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ to touch their “Punishment” to pass on in the "my Messages” Fatima, through Mary, the Mother of God. That seeks to "Masonry", which does not recognize the existence of God, wants it prevailed on the earth of evil and "they followers of the devil." This may soon occur.

Before that observes the Lord Jesus, passing on 14 September 1976, by Veronica Lucken "Words", to warn the threat to the church. - He quotes: "When you hear about a revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing and seeking refuge in another country, know that the time was ripe. But beg and pray that your good high priest of Rome did not leave because he allowed a man of dark secrets of his throne, conquer. " "Masonry" preparing a rebellion in the Vatican in order to compel the pope to leave the Vatican, fearing for his life.

War explosion to reach territory to across the Asia, across the China’s will be to make use nuclear weapons. China's desire to accelerate the economic development of their country, they need new terrain ,rich deposits of oil, gas and other minerals. These areas are in northern Asia and belonging to the Russian Federation. Once to these a for all areas Asia and will explosion war reach territory Asia army. China’s.
China's desire to dominate the population of yellow race of the world. After the defeat of Russia in Asia. China will spend the war the countries of the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea countries, Southern Europe and throw nuclear missiles around the world.

In Europe, explode the war. Germany will spend the war: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia. Germany wants to recover from Russia's former German Kaliningrad and Konigsberg .
German NPD Party, comes to power in Germany. Aspiration Party NPD is to create a "Greater Germany".

It Is Explained in the “Third Secret of Fatima”. German NPD Party, troops invaded the areas of Polish and Russian to win former German Konigsberg Kaliningrad during the war Russia, China.
Germany’. Germany wants to turn areas of: Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Konigsberg and Austria and, without the Slav population of “Greater Germany”.

NPD Party after coming to power, will ask the Polish, Czech and Russia, the return of land belonging to Germany before the Second World War. Not received a refund of those sites. Germany will spend the war Poland and Russia.

Only together Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will overrun the German army. Kaliningrad Russia attack and captured by German troops during the war with Russia, China, the land of Asia. Russian army invaded the territory of Germany to retaliate for the attack on Kaliningrad, destroying everything in Germany and murdering the Germany population.

On the way back through the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ukraine will destroy Prague, Bratislava and many other cities in Ukraine

During this time, gets deep earthquakes beneath the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. After a few weeks will deep-sea eruption beneath the Arctic Ocean. The bottom of the Arctic Sea with water and ice will come up. The water from the ice fall on the low-lying areas of land and sinking them into the sea. In sea water rises to the high altitude, sailing, will be flooded and submerge low-lying areas of the land boundary. Water, which fell on land dissolve to other territories or trap into the sea. My job is Mary the Mother of God, is to inform the population believing in God the Father and His Son, Christ on the risks of "Deluge", to leave within 30 days of sites that can be flooded and went in a safe place higher, farther from the sea coast.

Arctic Sea will cease to exist, its bottom will be "New high land." Water ejected from the Arctic Sea areas will be flooded to a great height. Sailing the high wave of water will raise the water level in seas and oceans for a few meters than it is today. Most are endangered Northern hemisphere of Earth.

Occurs deep earthquakes in the Mediterranean Sea, the mainland of Africa wywołne pressure on land in Europe. Erupt volcanoes: Etna and Vesuvius have expired. Etna lava flood the island of Sicily and spammed volcanic ash. Vesuvius volcano, the mighty shock and explosion, destroying large areas of around themselves be destroyed, including Rome and the Vatican. Deep earthquake beneath the Mediterranean Sea, to generate waves "Tsunami", which tumble with a huge force on the island and banks of land, destroying everything. Land subsidence occurs and the islands, and bring up the seabed near Gibraltar. Marseilles Falls się.Ulegną damaged ports and navy. In the Alps in Switzerland, there are earthquakes that will destroy the dams and dykes in the mountains, slopes and landslides will be the formation of dangerous cracks. In Germany, at the bottom of the river Rhine, a powerful earthquake would collapse plates, many cities will be destroyed, water incursion into the hollow.

After the attack on the Arabic countries, the Mediterranean area get into the Chinese military. Their task is to destroy everything and murdering the population of the white race. Chinese military attacked the island in the Aegean Sea and Greece. Part of the Chinese army would follow through Bulgaria, Serbia will go to the river Danube, on the road, destroying everything and killing people. Valley of the river Danube, will follow through Germany to France and Belgium, there to connect to the second part of the Chinese army and attack the population there is inhabited. To announce The Third Secret of Fatima, in the Bavarian Forest, come to the meeting, troops from the country vulnerable part of the army Chinese. The military aid countries threatened Chinese invasion to arrive planes from the south and the Chinese military nuclear weapons will be destroyed

The second part of the Chinese army will invade the Adriatic Sea, attacking people living in
Croatia and Italy. Population of Croatia in order to save their lives should move to the mountainous areas of Sarajevo and Bosnia. The Chinese army will come to formerly destroyed Rome to make further wounds murdering priests an inhabitants and demolishing the remains .After this, the second part of the Chinese army will follow the river Po. The first meeting with the army in France will take place near Mont Blanc. Nuclear weapons will be used in the final fight, the Chinese army will remain there forever

Into the ground get into "asteroid-stone" very big as a mountain, is given in the "Bible" called the Book of Revelation, the Greek revelations, chapter 8, verses 8 and 9 Aflame with the red stone of air resistance, it will become detached from the melting of rock fragments and fall to the ground, causing fires. Stone will hit the waters of the Atlantic near the Caribbean Sea. Causing enormous damage to the three islands and shores of the Americas. The collapse of boulder at the bottom of the Atlantic, calls the deep-sea earthquake and the emergence of high waves "Tsunami", which with a huge tumble on the island by force, land banks, ow: Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, causing them enormous destruction and collapse of the continents and islands in all oceans.

These people MARKS heed and will go the way of immorality, lies, revenge and greed. God has been expelled from schools, family houses, offices, and then and then come correct and irreversible punishment. Start in a very cold night. Thunder and earthquake last two days and two nights. This will be proof that God is Lord over all.
Those who will have hope in me and believe my "words", let him fear nothing, for I will not forsake them, and those who publicize this revelation to the senses of mankind. Who will be able to sanctifying grace and in My Mother, this or nothing will happen.

That ye may be ready for it, gives you the "Marks"
Watch out: last night (second night) will be very cold, the wind roared, and after some time there will thunder. Then shut the windows and doors, not talking to anyone outside the home. Kneel beneath the cross, repenting for their sins and ask my mother for custody. And who does not obey this council, in a flash die. His heart would not hold this view.

Air will be saturated with gas (methane, formed in the sea during the decomposition of dead fish, the water movements caused by falling asteroids to the ocean floor revolt in the depths of the sea as water and methane gas will extract the surface to air poisoning them and poison (from outer space through the hole on the entry of a large portion of the rock come to the solar wind harmful to humans). Envelop the whole earth.
Who will suffer innocently, not die, it will be a martyr and enter the kingdom of God.
On the third night there shall be fire and earthquakes, and the next day the sun will shine longer. The angels descend from heaven in human form, and bring peace on earth. Immense gratitude to the saved ascend to heaven in a prayer of thanksgiving. Punishment, which should come upon mankind, may not be comparable with any punishment that God sent the creation of the world, one third of humanity will perish "- at that time.

The earthquake may cause the collapse of the building and you will need to leave him,. Knowing that air outside is poisoned. You should ask Mary the Mother of God for help, saying: "The Holy Queen, mediation of people, the only hope , only escape , be merciful".

During dangerous days you should pray to Mary, Mother of Jesus, and ask for help, using this words : "The Holy Queen, mediation of people, the only hope , only escape , be merciful”
Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska

ul. Gwiaździsta 21 m. 22, 01-651 Warszawa, Polska, Poland

Third Secret of Fatima

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