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APOKALIPSA, która dotknie Skały GIBRALTARU

9 styczeń 2010 rok



Mary, Mother of the Lord Jesus gave during his apparitions in Fatima, 3 children, "Lady" of Fatima, the whole world. In my Messages "of Mary, Mother of God, calls humanity to return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Asks that people do not despising the content contained in the "my Messages" Fatima, because they can touch them "Penalties", sent in these "messages."

“This sign, which will be shown in the sky, is a sign of the beginning of the Apocalypse”.
"These are the" WORD "of God Father, sent to me, Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska in the church, during Mass, in on 09 March 2008, in Warsaw.

MARK proclaim the beginning of the Apocalypse, which will show up in the sky, another date is not the beginning of the Apocalypse. God alone determines the Beginning of the Apocalypse.

Lady Mary uses me to inform humanity about the threat communicated to the "my Messages" Fatima, which have touched the whole world. "Penalties" are shown in the Bible called Revelation. "The Bible", it is forwarded Browse by God the Father and for humanity all over the world. To the content was not known TESTAMENT entrusted by God the Father, Holy. John GO encrypted, so no one could read him, to 'Time'. In my Messages "Fatima, sent by Mary, Mother of Jesus, God the Father Testament text is not a cipher. They are horrible," Penalties "- The Deluge and a very large the size of 2 000 meters "asteroid-stone". It will be a mountain of fire, which fell into the water fall at the Atlantic Ocean near the Caribbean Sea, causing unimaginable destruction and loss of life. If the Popes do not want to announce it to the world, only safe hiding in the Vatican back after hearing the contents of the "Messages".

Before the show a "MARK" in the sky, the beginning of the Apocalypse, will appear in the sky 'Shining Cross' Lord Jesus, which is a warning to humanity and call for a return to faith in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It will probably be visible in all the earth, from Holy Thursday evening for 3 days. Not shown is the year to show off Shining Cross with the Host of the Lord Jesus. The earth will be illuminated by the holes in the Cross of the nails, will be lit only one of Mary Star of the Mother of God, the sun will not shine or more stars.

If people on the demonstration of a "Shining Cross with the Host", refuse to believe in the existence of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and will continue to do evil, to please devil who do evil to encourage people. This will affect their "penalty", given in "my Messages" Fatima. by Mary, Mother of Jesus. That seeks to "Masonry", which does not recognize the existence of God, wants it prevailed on the earth of evil and "they followers of the devil." This may soon occur. Before this respect by the Lord Jesus giving Veronica Lucken "Words", warning threat to the Church. Quotes: "When I hear about a revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing and seeking refuge in another country, know that the time was ripe. But beg and pray that your good high priest of Rome did not leave because he allowed a man of dark secrets capture his throne. "Masonry" preparing a rebellion in the Vatican in order to compel the pope to leave the Vatican, fearing for his life.

War to erupt, which will be used in nuclear weapons. China's desire for faster economic growth, they need new areas rich in deposits of oil, gas and other minerals. These areas are in northern Asia and belonging to the Russian Federation. China will spend the war the Russian Federation to acquire these sites. China will spend the war the Russian Federation. During the war, the Chinese military to throw nuclear bombs at an armory and experimental centers with nuclear weapons in Russia. Monstrous explosion, destroying everything in a large space. During a nuclear explosion, created a very strong wind as the Tornado, which destroyed a large area of land in Russia. China's desire to dominate the population of yellow race of the world. In the areas acquired in Asia, will destroy the population of the white race, leaving the local population lives. After the defeat of Russia in the North Asia, China will spend the war: the Persian Gulf Arab countries, countries of the Caspian Sea, southern Europe and throw nuclear missiles around the world.

In Europe, the war issue to Germany: Poland, features, Slovakia and Russia. German NPD Party, comes to power in Germany. The desire of the German NPD party, is to create a "Greater Germany". Chancellor of the NPD party, after coming to power, has requested from: Polish, Czech and Russia, the return of land belonging to Germany before the Second World War. Not received their refund, spend Germany war Poland and Russia. An attack of German troops from Dresden. The German army incursion into the Sudetenland, destroying everything and killing Polish people living in these areas. In Berlin, the German army by Poznan, will follow in the direction of Warsaw. The Baltic Sea will be attacked by German troops: Szczecin, Swinoujscie, Kolobrzeg, and other coastal ports and cities. German troops invade China during the war in Kaliningrad to the Russian Federation. Is given on the German attack on Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, "What do Germany, will be a suicide. They expect to occupy the Polish. Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, knowing that in the event of German victory awaits them is destruction, develop a common defense against the Germans .

The attack on German troops in Kaliningrad in China during the war with the Russian Federation, as anger Russia that the Russian army, after losing the war with China, invaded the territory of Germany to have on this country all his rage, the blow from behind the defeat in the east , the specter of defeat. The Russian army in Germany, will destroy everything and kill the German population, potentially forcing states army Russian army to return to Russia. The Russian army on the way back to Russia, to destroy the capital of the Czech Republic Prague, capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, and many cities in Ukraine.

During this time, deep-sea eruption occurs beneath the Arctic Ocean, the Arctic sea bottom with water and ice will be pushed out to the mountains. Ice and water will fall on the area's land and seas to the existing therein. Arctic sea bed will be "New high land." Sea water will flow into the Atlantic Ocean, raising the water level to a very large amount of flood. High tide sea water sailing the Atlantic Ocean and the seas will boil, and submerge low-lying areas of land boundary. The water level in the Atlantic will be a few feet higher than it is today. Water from the Atlantic Ocean will be affected by the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea, raising the water level slowly.

At the bottom of the Mediterranean deep earthquakes occur, created waves which enormous strength, strike the mainland shores of Europe and Africa and islands in the Mediterranean Sea, causing a great destruction of cities and ports and maritime fleet. Volcanoes erupt. Mount Etna, the lava floods the island of Sicily, and spammed it to volcanic ash. Extinct volcano Mount Vesuvius, the mighty shocks destroy a large area in about himself, including Rome and the Vatican. It is possible to pushing the seabed near the Strait of Gibraltar, due to pressure from mainland Africa, while respecting the land. Earthquakes occur in the French Alps, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, in Northern Italy, the Austrian Tyrol. Earthquakes cause damage to dams and there along the rivers, landslides on the slopes of the mountain, destroying buildings, roads and bridges. Earthquake in the mountainous areas can cause faults, cracks of rocks, soil, and its collapse. In Germany at the Rhine Westphalia, deep-sea earthquake occurs, will be made on the ground, causing the destruction of many cities.

After the army's attack on the Arab countries and the extermination of the Arab population, China's army invaded the Mediterranean area, to destroy everything and kill the population of the white race. China's desire to dominate the population of yellow race of the world. Chinese population to attack the white race, to destroy the dominance of the yellow race. When attacked Greece and the islands of the Aegean sea, the army will divide China into two parts, to then attack, France, Belgium and other countries. The first part of the Chinese army will be followed by Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, the Danube River and its valley to reach the border of Germany and France. Destroying everything and killing people. In the Bavarian Forest in Germany. Replace the army's way, the army threatened countries. It comes to battle, to arrive aircraft squadron of the South and bring the nuclear missiles. Chinese army will cease to exist.

The second part of the army's incursion into the Adriatic Sea,
To attack the people of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. The Chinese will be in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy to destroy everything and kill the population of the white race. In Italy, the Chinese people to reach the destroyed Rome and the Vatican, the explosion of the volcano Vesuvius, to kill the priests and people of Rome. After this, the army would follow China into the river PO, the PO River valley, to reach the border of France to meet the first part of the Chinese army. The way the Chinese army, the military member will replace the army's threatened invasion. Nadlecą squadron aircraft from the South, further disrupting the army's march into France, Belgium and other countries. Which allowed the Chinese army, much of the population in Southern Europe kill?

In the area of land get into the cosmos "asteroid-stone" It is to be a very large boulder about 2 000 meters, the red-heated rocks, the air resistance. Since falling to the ground rocks are detached fragments of rock melting and drop to the ground, causing fires and damage. Probably the capitals of France, fall detached fragments of rock melting, causing a fire and turning Paris into disrepair. Is given in the "Third Secret of Fatima". Paris during the raging of the elements will turn into disrepair, but not all the people perish. Burned primarily center. Paris to rebuild. The German capital will be destroyed, but did not rebuild. Large areas of northern Germany, will be under sea water. "Asteroid-stone" red-hot water will fall in the Atlantic near the Caribbean Sea, causing massive destruction on the islands and three mainland shores of the Americas. Population that previously did not leave the islands and shores of the mainland, dies of hot air. The collapse of such a large "boulder" on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the earthquake will cause the entire earth. Rising huge waves "Tsunami", which tumble into the islands and the edges of continents, causing massive death and destruction. Will be made on a number of volcanic islands and parts of continents. Falls in New York and other islands in the Honshu.

These people MARKS heed and will go the way of immorality, lies, revenge and greed. God has been expelled from schools, family houses, offices, and then and then come correct and irreversible punishment. Start in a very cold night. Thunder and earthquake last two days and two nights. This will be proof that God is Lord over all.
Those who will have hope in me and believe my "words", let him fear nothing, for I will not forsake them, and those who publicize this revelation to the senses of mankind. Who will be able to sanctifying grace and in My Mother, this or nothing will happen.

That ye may be ready for it, gives you the "Marks"
Watch out: last night (second night) will be very cold, the wind roared, and after some time there will thunder. Then shut the windows and doors, not talking to anyone outside the home. Kneel beneath the cross, repenting for their sins and ask my mother for custody. And who does not obey this council, in a flash die. His heart would not hold this view.

Air will be saturated with gas (methane, formed in the sea during the decomposition of dead fish, the water movements caused by falling asteroids to the ocean floor revolt in the depths of the sea as water and methane gas will extract the surface to air poisoning them and poison (from outer space through the hole on the entry of a large portion of the rock come to the solar wind harmful to humans). Envelop the whole earth.

Who will suffer innocently, not die, it will be a martyr and enter the Kingdom of God.
On the third night there shall be fire and earthquakes, and the next day the sun will shine longer. The angels descend from heaven in human form, and bring peace on earth. Immense gratitude to the saved ascend to heaven in a prayer of thanksgiving. Punishment, which should come upon mankind, may not be comparable with any punishment that God sent the creation of the world, one third of humanity will perish "- at that time.

The earthquake may cause the collapse of the building and you will need to leave him,. Knowing that air outside is poisoned. You should ask Mary the Mother of God for help, saying:

"The Holy Queen, mediation of people, the only hope , only escape , be merciful".

During dangerous days you should pray to Mary, Mother of Jesus, and ask for help, using this words : "The Holy Queen, mediation of people, the only hope , only escape , be merciful”
Wanda Stańska-Prószyńska

ul. Gwiaździsta 21 m. 22, 01-651 Warszawa, Polska, Poland

Third Secret of Fatima

Recommended to Pope John Paul II, Stephen Budziński issue in Poland, the Third Secret of Fatima.
Text of the Apocalypse have been translated into English by Translator on the internet.

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